CHAPTER I – Introduction to Policies
     A.    Mission Statement    
     B.    Values    
     C.    Vision Statement    
     D.    Roles        
     E.    Policies      

CHAPTER II – Library Patron Policies
     A.    Patrons
            1.    Eligibility        
            2.    Responsibility        
            3.    Registration            
            4.    Young Patrons        
            5.    Confidentiality of Patron Records      
     B.    Circulation Policies    
             1.    Winnefox Automated Library Services        
             2.    Proof of identity        
             3.    Required to have card           
             4.    Loan periods    
             5.    Maximum number      
             6.    Reserves       
             7.    Interlibrary loans          
             8.    Late return fines          
             9.    Library’s obligation to secure returns          
            10.    Fees    
            11.    Lost or damaged items                                                                                                                          

CHAPTER III - Selection of Materials
     A.    Responsibility for Selection       
     B.    Complaint Procedures      
     C.    General Criteria for All Library Materials    
     D.    Guidelines by Format          
     E.    Miscellaneous Guidelines  
     F.  Guidelines for Young Adults
     G.  Guidelines for Children         

CHAPTER IV - Services and Facilities
     A.    Library Hours           
     B.    Digital Services        
     C.    Services for Adults          
     D.    Services for Teens    
     E.    Services for Children           
     F.    Services for Patrons       
     G.    Services for Teachers and Day Care Providers                       
     H.    Meeting Rooms                      
      I.    Displays and Notices    
     J.    Parking    

CHAPTER V - Library Code of Conduct

CHAPTER VI - Organizational Structure
     A.    Governance              
     B.    Board of Trustees        
            1.    Functions    
            2.    Number                 
            3.    Membership                            
            4.    Officers and Committees    
            5.    Meetings          
     C.    Administration        
            1.    Library Director    
            2.    General Staff        

CHAPTER VII - Personnel Policy 
     A.    Hiring Practices        
     B.    Salaries and Wages          
     C.    Attendance           
     D.    Leaves        
            1.    Compensatory Leave    
            2.    Vacation                  
            3.    Holidays                            
            4.    Floating Holidays    
            5.    Sick Leave    
            6.    Emergency Leave    
            7.    Family and Medical Leave        
            8.    Funeral Leave    
            9.    Jury Leave    
           10.   Military Leave    
           11.   Unpaid Leave    
     E.    Benefits           
     F.    Staff Development        
     G.   Travel Reimbursement          
     H.   Evaluations    
     I.    Personnel Files        
    J.    Disciplinary Procedures    
    K.   Accommodations for those with Disabilities    
    L.    Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation   
    M.   Grievance Procedure    
    N.   Termination    

CHAPTER VIII - Financial & Business Policies
     A.    Budget        
     B.    Financial Records    
     C.    Receipts and Disbursements                                            
     D.    Audit              
     E.    Purchasing Procedure      
     F.    Insurance        
     G.    Endowment Funds    
     H.    Gifts            
      I.    Disposal of Property

CHAPTER IX – Internet

CHAPTER X - Volunteer Policy

     A.    Records Retention Schedule