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Music, movies, ebooks, audiobooks, & comics (always available, no waiting):      Hoopla                 more information

Craft ideas, patterns, classes, and much more:      Creativebug

Indie Wisconsin ebooks (always available, no waiting):  Wisconsin Public Library Biblio Board

Ebooks for children (picture books read out loud & more):       Tumble Book Library              in Spanish

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Online classes:           Gale Courses             more information

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Newspapers & Magazines:   Newspapers (U.S. Newsstream includes the Post Crescent) 

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Historical Newspapers of WisconsinArchive of Wisconsin Newspapers

Image File:  Images  (this database has over 10,000 videos and almost a million images)

Local history:         Menasha History Collection

Local conversations:       Podcasts    Listen to past library programs, interviews with local artisans, book suggestions, and more 

National archives:        Digital Public Library of America         Online Tutors         more information

Everything Wisconsin:  Wisconsin Digital Archives
(Documents from 2001 to current published by the Executive and Judicial branches of Wisconsin State Government, state government task forces, initiatives, boards, commissions, councils and special study groups.)

Wisconsin History:  Recollection Wisconsin

Aspiring Authors:  Wisconsin Author Project         Self-E (self-publishing site free to residents of Wisconsin)     Pressbooks

Online library resources by subject:

Technology resources available at the library:

  • Chromebooks to use at the library
  • Computers with Internet access/office software
    • Use them up to two hours/day.  More time  is available upon request, if no one else is waiting
    • Prints:  black & white (10¢/sheet), color (25¢/sheet) 
  • Document scanning (free, use your own thumb drive or purchase one at the Reference Desk for $5)
  • Faxing
    • The cost is $2.00 to send a fax of any number of pages
    • Receive a fax at 920.967.5159 (10¢/sheet)
  • Headphones to use at the library
  • iPads:  ask for these at the Children's Desk to explore apps for children inside the library
  • Kindles:  ask at the Reference Desk--check one out to take home, read bestselling ebooks, watch videos
  • Laptops and Chromebooks--check these out at the Reference Desk for use inside the library
  • Launchpads:  ask at a service desk--check them out to take home for learning and fun  
  • Line logger or Kill A Watt:  check one out to monitor your home use of electricity
  • Media Corner (edit video & audio files, convert photographs & slides to digital files, and more)
  • Microfilm reader (print screens or save them to a flash drive)
  • Photocopier
    • Black & white (10¢/sheet) and color (25¢/sheet) 
    • Enlarge, reduce an image
    • Print from home or your own laptop
    • Document scanning (free, use your own thumb drive--available for $5 at the Reference Desk courtesy of the Friends of the Menasha Library)
  • Projector
  • Rokus:  ask at the Reference Desk--check one out to take home
    • Wireless Internet access is required (see WiFi Hotspots below)
    • Choose from hundreds of films & TV series - For a complete list of titles click here.
    • Listen to music
  • WiFi Hotspots to take on vacation, use at home, or use in a presentation to connect to the Internet  (supported by Faith Technlogies, Inc.)  more information
  • WiFi is available throughout the library to use with your own device
  • Android phone chargers for use at the library
  • iPhone chargers for use at the library

Need help getting started?  Arrange a time for one-on-one instruction with a librarian:
stop at the Reference Desk 
or call us 920.967.3690 
or send us an email message