On Display this Month

On the Art Wall  -- in the library's main floor Miron Fireside Room

This month’s exhibit is a tribute to the art of Maria Talin. Her husband Jack Talin shares her paintings inspired by her life in Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. The exhibit includes working sketches, notes, and drawings that show the creative process of a very talented artist.

In the glass case in the Lobby

The Menasha High School Boys Soccer Group is sharing information about their  2018-2019 season and fundraising efforts.

In the glass case in the Circulation Area

See a piece of Menasha's history.  Aldermen Steve Krueger and Stan Sevenich are sharing their collection of artifacts from the Menasha Wood Split Pulley Company, which was founded in 1888 by P.V. Lawson, Jr., attorney, author, politician, orator, and mayor of Menasha.  The company was located on the east shore of Little Lake Butte des Mort near Sixth Street. The factory manufactured 150 pulleys daily, besides other wood specialized goods to include hand truck, cogs, spools, picker sticks for woolen mills, cloth boards, paper mill trucks, elevators, trunk slats, and screen doors.  

 In the Menasha History Case

There is also a glass case from the original Elisha D. Smith Public Library on Mill Street tucked into the corner at the start of the large print and fiction collections where the Menasha Historical Society presents household artifacts and clothing from the late 1890's.

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