• Computers with Internet access/office software
    • Read our Internet Policy
    • Use a computer for one hour per day, longer if no one is waiting (daily limit is three hours)​
    • Ask for headphones or purchase some
  • Digital Library
  • iPads for preschoolers and elementary school children
    • Check out an iPad at the Children's Desk for use inside the library
    • Discover apps that entertain and teach
  • Kindles
    • Check these out at the Reference Desk to take home
    • Read bestselling ebooks
    • Watch videos (WiFi required)
  • Laptops & Chromebooks
    • Check these out at the Reference Desk for use inside the library
    • Watch videos, do your research, and more
    • Print at the photocopier
  • Launchpads
    • Ask for these at the Children's Desk or the Reference Desk
    • Check them out and take them home for learning and fun​
  • Media Corner (convert & manipulate audio & video recordings and much more)
  • Mobile printing: print here at the library from anywhere
  • Projector
  • Rokus
    • Ask at the Reference Desk
    • Check one out to take home
    • Wireless Internet access is required
    • Choose from hundreds of films & TV series
    • Listen to music
  • WiFi hotspots to connect to the Internet while you're on vacation.  Or take one home and try out the Internet.  more information
  • WiFi is available throughout the library

​Need help getting started?  Arrange a time for one-on-one instruction with a librarian:
stop at the Reference Desk 
or call us 920.967.3690 
or send us an email message