Reserve the Media Corner to:

  • Edit a video or graphic file,
  • Convert/compress video files,
  • Convert cassette tapes to digital audio files,
  • Design & cut out shapes with a Cricut Machine,
  • Convert 35mm negatives, slides, & photographs to JPEG files, and
  • Convert a VHS tape, Hi-8 tape, & Video 8 tape to a digital video file.


  • If you have a recording device that connects via S-Video or RCA cable, you can create a digital video file. 
  • If you have a projector (for example, Super 8, 8 mm with sound, or 16 mm film formats), you can create a video file.

Available software includes:

  • Adobe Photoshop (photo editing software) and Adobe Premiere (video editing software)
  • Audacity (sound editing software)

Call 920.967.3690 or email us to set up a time to use this technology.
It is assumed that you have knowledge of these devices and software.  Librarians are available to help set up and get you started.
The library assumes no liability for your use of this technology.
If you need instruction, please book a librarian.

This technology was purchased by the Friends of the Menasha Public Library.