1.    WINTER (Saturday after Labor Day through the Friday before Memorial Day)
              8:30 AM – 8:30 PM   Monday through Thursday
              8:30 AM - 6:00 PM    Friday 
              8:30 AM – 4:30 PM   Saturday
              1:00 PM – 5:00 PM   Sunday

       2.   SUMMER (Saturday before Memorial Day through the day after Labor Day)
              8:30 AM – 8:30 PM   Monday through Thursday
              8:30 AM - 6:00 PM    Friday 
              9:00 AM – 1:00 PM   Saturday
              CLOSED – Sunday

      3.   HOLIDAY HOURS 
              Staff Training Day*        Closed
              New Year's Day **         Closed
              Easter                            Closed
              Memorial Day Weekend (Sun/Mon)    Closed
              July 4 **        Closed
              Labor Day Weekend (Sun/Mon)        Closed
              Thanksgiving                Closed
              Christmas Eve              Closed
              Christmas Day **        Closed
                  * Date will be announced.
                ** Library will be closed on the day of legal observance. 

             Necessary closings or changes in hours due to emergencies or other reasons as authorized by the Library Board of Trustees will be publicized to minimize patron's inconvenience. Library Trustees may authorize additional holiday closings on an ad hoc basis.  These hours are subject to change as needed.

   B.   The library provides MEETING ROOMS.  
         1.    The library provides meeting rooms for community use as a free public service.  
              a.    Meeting rooms are booked on a “first come, first served” basis.  The library will priortize meeting spaces for library programs.  Library patrons may use the library’s website to check for availability and to reserve a room or they may call the library at 920.967.3690.
              b.    Donations to the library for use of its meeting rooms are accepted but not required.
              c.    There are four meeting rooms available:
                     1)    The Company E Room for 30 to 150 people.
                     2)    The Gegan Room (boardroom) for 14 or fewer people.
                     3)    Two Study Rooms on the main floor for up to 4 or fewer people each. 

       2.    Allowed meeting room uses: examples (not inclusive)
              a.    Events, programs and activities organized, sponsored or conducted by the library.
              b.    Club events (veterans, youth, sports, service, etc.).
              c.    Meetings (not-for-profits, unions, associations, political parties, etc.).  Not-for-profit organizations may collect dues, fees, or other appropriate charges.
              d.    Classes offered by not-for-profit educational institutions, local municipalities, counties, or their subdivisions (class fees permitted).
              e.    Home-school classes, meetings, events, etc. (class and event fees permitted).
              f.     Religious organizations (meetings, clubs, events, services, etc.).
              g.    Political meetings, candidate forums, legislator “listening sessions,” etc.
              h.    Events closed to the general public (if otherwise compliant with meeting room policies).  Library employees have an absolute right to enter any meeting room at any time to insure library policies are being followed.
              i.     Legal negotiations, proceedings, conflict resolutions, depositions, etc.
              j.     Recitals (piano, voice, etc.).
              k.    Tutoring or test proctoring (fee or free) by the library or non-profit organizations.
              l.     Individuals (or formal or informal groups) for purposes of studying, researching, planning, etc.

       3.    Serving of Alcohol in Library – Alcohol may be served as part of a library sponsored program provided the following steps are followed:
             a.    Permission must be obtained from the library director to serve alcohol on library premises.
             b.    Appropriate permissions and licenses must be acquired through the city clerk’s office.
             c.    A licensed bartender must be present to serve any alcoholic beverages.
             d.    Library staff are responsible for obtaining appropriate permissions and licenses for library hosted events.

Private events hosted by individuals or organizations will be prohibited from serving or consuming alcohol on library premises.

      4.  Prohibited uses
            a.    Commercial events (where products, services or memberships are advertised, solicited, or sold) including educational classes or seminars, which charge a fee.  (Library sponsored performers may sell merchandize related to their performance).
            b.    Serving/consumption/use of tobacco or drugs.
            c.    Purely social events, including personal and family birthday parties, receptions, showers, etc.
            d.    Any event that is disruptive of normal library operations or services.
            e.    Any illegal activity.

     5.   Meeting room users agree to abide by these regulations:
            a.    Meeting room reservations will be confirmed when an application is approved by the library office during normal business hours.
            b.    Groups or individuals using a meeting room shall not publicize their event in any way that implies that it is sponsored, co-sponsored, endorsed, or approved by the library, unless permission to do so has been given in advance by the library director or designee in writing. 
            c.    Groups or individuals using a meeting room shall be responsible for reasonable care of the room and its furnishings and equipment and shall pay for any damage caused or inflicted by an organization, its members, affiliated persons, guests, invitees, etc.  Nothing shall be taped, hung, tacked, etc. to any walls, windows, doors, furniture, etc. (except for surfaces provided for such purposes) without prior permission.  Nothing associated with or advertising a meeting or event shall be placed in the library’s entrance, hallways, or main floor that impedes patrons’ access to the library or its services.
            d.    The library cannot accept calls or relay messages to persons attending meetings except in emergencies.
            e.    It is the responsibility of meeting participants to supervise children accompanying them. Leaving children under the age of 8 unattended in the building is not permitted.
            f.    Meeting rooms are available during normal library open hours.  Meetings may be scheduled before or after open hours by special arrangement.  Meetings and activities should be ended in time for cleanup and to permit all persons, equipment and supplies to leave the room (and library if after normal hours) by the end of the reserved time.
            g.    Meeting rooms can be booked no more than 90 days in advance. 
            h.    Outside organizations may book library meeting rooms no more than 12 times per year, exceptions are made for City of Menasha departments and local schools may use the rooms more frequently. 
            i.    If necessary, the library reserves the right to transfer individuals or a group to another meeting room in the library.
            j.    If an event is cancelled, the meeting room user shall contact library staff within 48 hours of the meeting time except for weather emergencies. Three no call / no shows may result in the library no longer taking reservations from the group or organization.   
            k.   Meeting rooms and/or kitchenette shall be left in an orderly condition.  If library staff must provide more than reasonable cleanup, a fee of $25 (or more based on actual costs) will be charged.  Any fee charged must be paid in full before the group may reserve or use a meeting room again.
            l.    Fire exit doors or pathways shall not be blocked in any way.
            m.   Refreshments may be served in all meeting rooms. Anyone serving food is responsible for cleaning up the room and for not leaving food behind.
            n.    The library shall not be responsible for any material used in or left in a meeting room, nor for the loss or damage of personal property.
            o.    The library director has the authority to issue reasonable meeting room rules and to revoke permission for use of meeting rooms if policies and rules are not followed, and has authority to interpret minor variations from this policy.  Any person or group may appeal the Library Director’s decision to the library board Library Board of Trustees.

       6.     Meeting room users may request equipment for use during their meeting or event.  A list of available meeting room equipment can be found on the room booking page on the library website.  The library may charge fees for set-up and use of specialized equipment.  These fees will be clearly noted on the room booking page.           


       1.    Display cases and areas will promote educational, cultural, intellectual, or charitable activities consistent with the library’s collection and services, promoting the use of the library. 

       2.    Display space may be granted to groups outside the library on an invitational basis, in which case the library neither endorses nor advocates for any viewpoints or opinions expressed. The library reserves the right to arrange exhibits and to make the final decision regarding content and physical presentation of all exhibits and displays. The library shall not consider for display any material deemed harmful to minors or which creates an intimidating environment.

       3.    Any individual or group placing items on display is required to sign a waiver releasing the library from liability for loss or damage to the items.

       4.    Exhibits and displays shall not involve the sale, advertisement, solicitation, or promotion of commercial products.        

             a. This provision does not exclude sponsored exhibits, approved art exhibits, exhibits primarilyinformational in content, or exhibits containing advertising involving a variety of beneficiaries. The library director shall determine whether exhibits qualify under this policy.
             b. The library director is authorized to make exceptions for sale of art display items where a portion of the proceeds is donated to the library or for sale of items displayed by program performers.



Approved by the Elisha D. Smith Public Library Board of Trustees April 25, 2023.