Today we have Jill Swenson, of Swenson Book Development, on the podcast. She talks about journalism, book development, writing, NaNoWriMo, and gives some book recommendations. I know it's a long one, but's it's worth it! If you need to skip ahead here are some rough chapter markers:

~00:00:00 Intro to Jill; publication and journalism industry

~53:00:00 We start discussing National Novel Writing Month

~01:28:00 Jill gives book recommendations

Jill Swenson


The typing sounds you hear in the podcast were produced on my Hermes 2000 typewriter. Jill and I discuss attention and how the different methods of writing effect the outcome.



Typewriter Keys

The first Wrimo event is on November 2nd at 6:30. Come for as long as you like—meet other Wrimos, have some snacks, start writing your novel!

There is also a non-fiction writing month during November:

NaNoWriMo's website:

Swenson Book Development:


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