Today we have Phil Sealy on the show, whose art will be on exhibition here at the library for the month of September. Phil is a renowned artist from the Fox Valley who has won numerous awards.

At the end of the month we are having a Closing Night Reception on Thursday, September 29, between 5:30pm and 8:00pm, the community is invited to stop by to meet and thank the artist for sharing his talent and vision.

During the conversation Phil occasionally refers to some of his art pieces that we had in front of us. I took pictures of them and uploaded them below. (Note that these are photos of photos—Phil's watercolor pieces look much better in person!)

Phil Sealy Watercolor Painting

Phil Sealy Watercolor Painting

We were also fortunate enough to have formal library board member John Nebel with us for the podcast. Phil and John had such an array of fascinating subjects to discuss that I had to split the podcast into two shows. This one is focused on Phil Sealy fielding a number of questions; the next podcast will have John and Phil in conversation elucidating aspects of the art world.

Phil Sealy, John Nebel, Colin McGinnis

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