My name is Colin and I hosted another episode of the MPL Podcast with 2nd Strings on—they were kind enough to come talk about their music, creative process, and then play a few tunes for us. The episode was recorded in my living room, so the occasional odd noise or squeak is to be expected. The songs they played for us appear at the end of the podcast, and sound fantastic for just one ol' mic in my house. Don't forget to catch them live in the area and especially with Del McCoury in April at the Stoughton Opera House! Listen to the podcast for details.

2nd Strings

2nd Strings

From left to right in the photo below: Rusty on banjo, Pace on bass, Fern on fiddle, Dale on mandolin, and Hof on guitar.

2nd Strings band photo

You can find the 2nd Strings and Hof's studio at the following links:

2nd Strings

SecondHand Studios


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