Elisha D. Smith Public Library
Gegan Board Room
July 24, 2019

Called to order at 4:02pm by Chairman Englebert
Present:     Chairman Englebert, Vice Chairman Golz, Secretary Halverson, Trustee Franzoi, Trustee Lane, Trustee Schwerbel, Trustee Witt, and Trustee Turner (arrived at 4:09pm)
Excused:     Ad Hoc Trustee Hermans and Superintendent of Schools VanderHeyden
Also Present:     Director Lenz and Business Manager Dreyer

Public Comment/Communication

Consent Business
Correction:  Witt should be added as being present at the June 26 meeting.  Motion made by Franzoi, seconded by Golz to approve the Library Board meeting minutes from June 26, 2019 with the correction and accept the minutes of the joint meeting of the Finance & Investments and Marketing & Resource Development Committee from July 2, 2019.  Motion carried unanimously.  

Authorization of Bills
Motion made by Franzoi, seconded by Lane to authorize payment of the July 2019 list of bills from the 2019 budget and endowment fund.  Motion carried unanimously.  

Unfinished Business
Committee Appointment
Englebert appointed Turner to the Buildings & Grounds Committee.

Regular Date/Time of 2019-2020 Meetings
Motion made by Franzoi, seconded by Witt to change the meetings to the 4th Tuesday of the month at 4:30pm beginning in August.  Motion carried unanimously.

New Business
1.    June Statistics.  
We have started counting attendance at book bike events as drop-in programs in the adult program category and corrected sessions/attendance to children’s outreach over the first half of the year.

2.    2019 Budget Status.
Trustees reviewed a budget status report.  

3.    Staff Reports.
       ·    We had two groups of Menasha High School vocational students and one vocational coach volunteer 55 hours of their time performing a variety of tasks at the library.
       ·    We are going to upgrade staff PCs from Windows 7 to Windows 10 sooner than planned since many of us work on the same files on our network and there are incompatibilities among those who currently have Windows 7 and Windows 10.
       ·    We are in need of a teen representative for the board.
       ·    Negotiations on the creation of the NOW Consortium (an integrated library automation system combining Nicolet Federated Library System, Outagamie Waupaca Library System and Winnefox Library System) have reached an impasse.  
       ·    The Common Council endorsed the idea of City Employees volunteering part of their work day to work on a Habitat Rock the Block project within the City of Menasha from August through October.  Motion made by Turner, seconded by Halverson, to have library employees participate in the Rock the Block project in the City of Menasha.  Motion carried unanimously.

4.    Finance & Investments Committee Report.
The committee met on July 18 to review the endowment report and begin work on a 2019-2020 endowment budget and the 2020 budget request.  They will be meeting again in August to finalize. They would like to invite Ann Engelhard, VP Donor Services & Gift Planning at the Community Foundation to their meeting to get some advice on how to grow our foundation and help us support programming.

5.    Building & Grounds Committee Report.
The committee met on July 23 to develop a capital improvements budget request for 2020, plan for the next few years and review building needs.  The would like to contact an architect to conduct a survey of the building as part of our strategic plan.  

Motion to adjourn made at 4:40pm by Franzoi, seconded by Golz.  Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Dreyer, Recording Secretary