Elisha D. Smith Public Library
Gegan Board Room
April 24, 2019

Called to order at 4:00pm by Vice Chairman Golz
Present:     Vice Chairman Golz, Secretary Halverson, Trustee Franzoi, Trustee Lane, Trustee Schwerbel, Trustee Turner, Superintendent of Schools VanderHeyden, Trustee Witt
and Teen Representative Genz
Absent:     Chairman Engelbert and Ad Hoc Trustee Hermans
Also Present:     Director Lenz, Support Services Supervisor Brandt and Business Manager Dreyer

Public Comment/Communication

Consent Business
Motion made by Franzoi, seconded by Witt to approve the Library Board meeting minutes from March 20, 2019 and accept the Governance Committee minutes from April 8, 2019.  Motion carried unanimously.  

Authorization of Bills
The December 2018 (5) reflects the voided check to Kone and new check for the renegotiated balance due.  Motion made by VanderHeyden, seconded by Lane to authorize payment of the December 2018 (5) list of bills from the 2018 budget and April 2019 list of bills from the 2019 budget, endowment, and WALS fund.  Motion carried unanimously.  

Unfinished Business
Elevator:  MEI Badger Elevator evaluated the elevator on April 2 and couldn’t get it to malfunction.  They adjusted the door to close slower and the pressure with which the door closes.  They asked us to record any problems that occur from now on.  

A/C Compressor: Staff got a second opinion from Tweet Garot who suggested that we follow through with the replacement of the compressor.  A new compressor and fuel pump are in the process of being installed by ACC.  Trustees would like compressor “A” evaluated.
New Business
1.    March Statistics.  
During the first quarter of this year, program attendance was up 3.5%.  Meeting room use was up 13.9% due to the addition of the study room.  While overall circulation was down 7.4%, circulation of digital materials increased 10%.  So far this year, the library checked out 95,691 items.

2.    2019 Budget Status.
The 2018 fiscal year finished almost right on budget.  The elevator repair eliminated any carry over funds for the 27th payroll in 2020 so we will have to make that up in 2019.  So far this year, 32.5% of the budget has been spend with 28.8% of the year passed.   

3.    Quarterly Endowment Report.
The endowment report was reviewed.  The Finance and Investment Committee will be assessing the funds held at the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region, Inc.

4.    New Business.
       ·    The Governance Committee proposed officer nominations, committee assignments and committee work assignments for 2019-2020 to be voted upon at the May Board of Trustees meeting.
       ·    During National Library Week, the library collected 40 boxes of food for the Double Portion Food Pantry in Menasha after forgiving about $1,500 in fines during Food for Fines.
       ·    Fox Cities Reads was a success.  Matthew Desmond drew about 1,000 people at the events at the Menasha High School and Lawrence University.
       ·    Committees continue to work on merging the integrated library systems (ILS computer networks) of the libraries in Nicolet Federated Library System (NFLS), the Outagamie Waupaca Library System (OWLS) and the Winnefox Area Library System (WALS).  This joint venture will be known as the NOW consortium.  NOW guidelines and bylaws have been drafted and a committee is looking at ILS vendors to determine which software we would all use to catalog, circulate and share materials.  
       ·    This year’s WAPL Conference will be held on May 2 & 3 at the Holiday Inn and Suites in Rothschild.  
       ·    Winnefox Assistant Director Mark Arend has determined that the library may request $398,517 for operations and $60,139 for facilities in 2020 from Winnebago County and $93,812 from Calumet County.  Motion made by Franzoi, seconded by Halverson to approve those requests.  Motion carried unanimously.
       ·    The library received a grant for $2,495 from the Menasha Corporation Foundation for lettering on the front side of the library identifying the building as the Elisha D. Smith Public Library with the quote “Rest assured that all will be welcome. -E. D. Smith 1898”.  At the August 1, 2018 Building & Grounds Committee meeting, they determined that the front of the building should have something indicating the building as the library.  Fox Stamp, Sign & Specialty provided a quote to put up lettering that matches those on the east side of the building. The City has approved.  Motion made by Franzoi, seconded by VanderHeyden to approve having the lettering identifying the building as the library with the quote as presented above.  Motion carried unanimously.  

Trustee Halverson left the meeting at 4:35pm

Trustee Turner suggested asking Pat Pierce to come to the library for a tour and to show her the 2019-2023 Strategic Plan and plans for the lettering/quote before it goes up.

Motion to adjourn made at 4:39pm by Franzoi, seconded by Schwerbel .  Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Dreyer, Recording Secretary