February 13, 2019

Called to order at 3:35pm by Chair Halverson
Present:    Englebert, Franzoi, Golz, Halverson, Lane, Schwerbel, Turner (arrived at 3:45pm) and VanderHeyden
Absent:        Hermans, Witt and Genz (teen representative)
Also Present:    Director Lenz, Beson (Children’s Services Supervisor), Bongers (Adult Services Supervisor), Brandt (Support Services Supervisor) and K. Dreyer (Business Manager)

Public Comment/Communication:  None

2019-2024 Strategic Plan Goal Setting
Trustees and staff were divided into 4 groups of 3 who were asked to come up with SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Timebound) objectives for each strategic area:  people, place, platform and partnerships.  

     1.    Continue to evaluate staffing requirements based upon the constantly evolving requirements to meet the needs of its patrons.
     2.    Determine staffing requirements to address the needs of the underserviced portions of the communities to which the library services.
     3.    Provide effective recruitment, training, development and retention of volunteers and trustees.
     4.    Add one marketing staff member by end of 2019.
     5.    Increase volunteers by 20% by 2024.
     6.    Redefine and strengthen the role of the Friends of the Library.
     7.    Monitor and stay competitive with the salaries and benefits offered by other neighboring libraries and other employers with an annual written recommendation to the board’s Finance & Investment Committee.
     8.    Be responsible to the changing needs of our community (customer service, staying current in our professional field, available resources and their implementation.
     9.    Survey patrons “annually” or on demand.  Have survey available for patrons to fill out when they ask questions/compliment.
   10.    *Development a dedicated outreach program with one coordinator by 2020.
   11.    Research and define segments of the community to determine services to offer them by 2021.
   12.    *Identify, meet and get to know influential members of our community, meeting with at least 6 per year.
   13.    Continue to maintain our strong commitment to staff development.
   14.    Develop a marketing plan to elevate awareness of the library’s services throughout our community by the end of 2019.

     1.    To improve accessibility (signage, wayfinding, sightlines) by 2020.
     2.    Continue to evaluate the allocation of the facility resources among meeting and community requirements and access to informational resources.
     3.    Continue to evaluate means to improve the safety and privacy of our patrons.
     4.    Evaluate the equipment, space and related resources utilized to provide creative, meeting and informational services to our patrons (once per year).
     5.    Maintain long- and short-term facility requirements and opportunities including a periodic maintenance schedule.  
     6.    *Ability to provide multi-function flexible areas of the library based on short-term needs of patrons.  (evaluate yearly)
     7.    Develop a capital (facilities) maintenance program that is 10 years forward-looking by 2020.
     8.    Investigate green initiatives (sustainability) by 2022 including more natural lighting.  
     9.    Put in place 3 sustainability initiatives by 2024.
   10.    Investigate yearly re-configuration of building areas for patrons.
   11.    Investigate usage (reconfiguration) of staff areas yearly.
   12.    Professional evaluation of building and parking lot in regard to ADA and ACA laws by 2020 and make changes accordingly.
   13.    Update dated spaces throughout the library (Gegan Room).

     1.    Continue to serve as an access point to materials and services to meet community needs.
     2.    Evaluate resources to remain at the forefront of technology (Digital Services Committee – quarterly) and conventional resources.
     3.    Provide community with best possible materials in multiple formatted baed on demands and emerging trends. (evaluate years/bi-annually/quarterly)
     4.    Programming
           ·    Explore offering creative spaces…(needs more work) by 2023.  (Place?)  New platforms altogether.  Add new (2).  Grow/expand by x% per year.
           ·    Expand media corner resources and staffing i.e. 3D printers, Maker Space, Green Screen, audio recording.  
     5.    Help families prepare their children for school and excel academically.
     6.    To select materials which support and encourage lifelong learning of our patrons.
     7.    Expand access to digital resources and provide such access at the library and remotely (with a trending to remote access).
     8.    Preserve and celebrate Menasha’s rich history.
     9.    Grow materials budget to at least 200,000 by 2022.
   10.    Explore new programs for language and other multi-cultural needs by 2022.

     1.     Identify new strategic partnerships and limit number based on available time and resources.
     2.    Increase K-5 participation in library services (define?) 5% (4.57%) (set realistic measure) each year for 4 years.
     3.    Increase teen participation in library services 5% (4.57%) each year.  (Partnership?)
     4.    Develop new financial partnerships by 2024.  Development plan and donor list, annual appeal (endowment partners)
     5.    Develop one marketing partnership by 2020.  (?)
     6.    Allocate 5% more funding to the top 5 partnerships for programs.  (?)
     7.    Develop in-house (?) partnerships for human services (conduit to other/existing services)
     8.    Expand the synergies between the library and its existing partnerships.

Halverson went over the current mission, vision and goals and the suggestions submitted.
The Ad Hoc Strategic Planning Committee will review and refine what was done today at their meeting on Monday, February 18, at 3:30pm.  At the February 27 Board of Trustees meeting, the committee will go through the 4 elements as well as the mission, vision and values to get additional input.

The meeting adjourned at 5:35pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Dreyer, recording secretary