January 2008 Library Board Agenda and Directors Report

4:30 p.m. Thursday, January 17, 2008
Gegan Room
(If Board Members cannot attend, please notify the Library Office)




1. Reimbursement for conference costs in 2007
2. List of bills for December 2007.
3. List of bills for January 2008.

CONSENT BUSINESS (Motion to approve all unless separate consideration requested):

4. Minutes. Minutes of Board meeting December 20, 2007.
5. Minutes. Minutes of Personnel Committee meeting December 20, 2007.
6. Minutes. Minutes of Long Range Planning Committee meeting December 19, 2007 - for record only, not approval.


7. Meeting Room Policy.
8. Long Range Goals.
9. Director Goals for 2008.


10. Statistics.
11. Donations.
12. 3rd Quarter Endowment Report.
13. Sunday Hours.
14. LSTA Podcasting Studio Grant.
15. Audio System for Co E Room.
16. Head of Technical Services.
17. 2009 Hmong National Conference.


(Including requests for business items for future meetings)
• Library Board Meeting - February 21, 2008 at 4:30 pm.
• Library Legislation Day - January 22, 2008

Menasha aldermen may attend meetings of this body. A quorum of the Common Council, Board of Public Works, Administration Committee, or Personnel Committee may attend this meeting. No official action of any of those bodies will be taken.ELISHA D. SMITH PUBLIC LIBRARY


1. Reimbursement for 2007 Conference Costs. Earlier in 2007, the Board approved using left-over funds in the travel section of the budget to reimburse staff who attended national conferences. In 2007, we had one staff member attend both ALA Midwinter and ALA Annual. The costs were $702.02 for both conferences. REQUESTED ACTION: Approve reimbursement of 2007 conference costs.

2. Bills. REQUESTED ACTION: Approval of bills as presented for December 2007.

3. Bills. REQUESTED ACTION: Approval of bills as presented for January 2008.


4. Minutes. Minutes of Board meeting December 20, 2007. REQUESTED ACTION: Approval.
5. Minutes. Minutes of Personnel Committee meeting December 20, 2007. REQUESTED ACTION: Approval.
6. Minutes. Minutes of the Long Range Planning Committee meeting December 19, 2007. REQUESTED ACTION: Accept Report.


7. Meeting Room Policy.
8. Long Range Goals. The Long Range Planning Committee has developed a series of goals for the next five years. At this point, these goals do not include objectives. Those will be developed by the library staff offering input in the next month and then compiled by the Committee. Please see the attached document for the draft goals for the library. REQUESTED ACTION: Approve draft goals.

9. Director Goals for 2008. I have seven items as goals for 2008.
1. Complete the Long Range Planning Process and start implementing the goals and objectives designated for the year.
2. Work to reinvigorate the Friends of the Library.
3. Implement the 2008 LSTA Podcasting Studio Grant.
4. Complete Winnefox Long Range Planning process where I serve as chair.
5. Attend PLA, ALA and WLA conferences and serve on various boards and committees within them.
6. Continue to serve on the Fox Cities Book Festival Board, the Fox Valley Library Council Board, the Hmong National Conference Planning Committee, and pursue other partnerships in the community.
7. Continue to refine the library's online presence.
REQUESTED ACTION: Approve Director goals for 2008.


10. Statistics. As you can see, our circulation in December rose a healthy 4.4%. We lent an average of 120 items per hour. We had a total of 19 programs in the library in December with 264 people attending.

Along with the regular monthly report for circulation, I am also enclosing the 2007 Circulation Report that reflects the total percentages of all of the libraries in the Winnefox System. You will see there that our circulation increased by 1.13% in 2007 over 2006. Interestingly, two of the other larger libraries in Winnefox had similar increases: Oshkosh at 1.82% and Fond du Lac at 1.31%. This is also one of the first years I have ever seen so many libraries statistics fall so drastically. It seems that the leveling we saw in our circulation throughout the year is what other libraries in Winnefox are experiencing as well.

11. Donations. We received a gift from Mowry Smith III for $1470.00 in stock. This has been added to the general Endowment fund. We also received an anonymous donation of $1000. The donor cited the new library sign as her reason for donating to the library.

12. 3rd Quarter Endowment. I am including the 3rd quarter Endowment Report, showing the balance in our various accounts at First National and the Community Foundation. Once we get our final December figures, I will report on our annual results.

In other Endowment news, we rolled over our two CDs that came due in January. They have been reinvested for 12 months at 4.5%.

13. Sunday Hours. Our first Sunday, we had 544 circulations, averaging 136 circulations per hour which is a very healthy figure especially with the thick fog we had that day. We were steadily busy throughout the afternoon. We do plan to have programs on Sundays in late January and in February to boost usage and awareness. We get constant feedback about people noticing our signs announcing the new Sunday hours.

14. LSTA Podcasting Studio Grant. In 2007, we applied for an LSTA (Library Services and Technology Act) Grant which would allow us to offer podcasting equipment to the public. The grant was fully funded and we scored first in our category of Innovative Uses of Technology. From the grant we will receive $3799 which we will use to purchase two iMacs, software, microphones and headphones. The staff will work on three podcasts focused on local history throughout the year and we will offer classes to people on how to use the new equipment.

15. Audio System for Co E Room. We budgeted in 2008 for a new audio system for our main meeting room. We are in the process of getting two bids on the equipment and installation, and will be moving ahead in the first quarter of the year to get it fully installed.

16. Head of Technical Services. Previous to Joe Bongers becoming our Head of Adult Services, that position had also managed Technical Services. In the last year, I have served as Head of Technical Services, but now I am sure that Joe is more than capable of managing both departments. Starting in January of this year, Joe will begin to manage both Adult Services and Technical Services. (Technical Services is the department that orders materials chosen by our selectors and processes the materials to get them into the computer and ready for use by the public.)

17. 2009 Hmong National Conference. I will be serving on the planning committee for the 2009 Hmong National Conference which will be held in Appleton. I believe it is important for our library to have a place at the table, especially with one of our potential goals for the new long range plan being diversity in our community.





Service Responses with Long Range Goals and Objectives
January 2008 Draft

Celebrate Diversity
Goal: Increase participation in and number of cultural programs at the library that represent our community's diversity.
Goal: Increase visibility of cultural diversity within the library.
Goal: Increase participation by special needs groups, such as senior, homebound, mentally ill, homeless, physically challenged and mentally challenged people, in library programs and services.

Express Creativity
Goal: Provide a website that allows patron creation of content as well as equipment and tools that promote the creation of multimedia content.
Goal: Provide classes and programs to create creativity.
Goal: Provide the community with a space to display their creative endeavors.

Satisfy Curiosity (Lifelong Learning)
Goal: Do outreach to better serve underserved community members, such as minorities and the poor.
Goal: Create library programming for all ages to promote lifelong learning.
Goal: Provide information of local interest.

Create Young Readers
Goal: Create online content for young patrons.
Goal: Create programs that encourage reading by young patrons.
Goal: Increase usage of the library by young readers in upper elementary school through high school.