4:30 p.m. Thursday, September 20, 2007
Gegan Room
(If Board Members cannot attend, please notify the Library Office)




1. Lists of bills for September 2007.

CONSENT BUSINESS (Motion to approve all unless separate consideration requested):

2. Minutes. Minutes of Board meeting August 16, 2007.
3. Minutes. Minutes of Long Range Planning Committee meeting August 29, 2007.
4. Minutes. Minutes of Finance Committee meeting September 10, 2007.


5. Statistics.
6. Gift.
7. Endowment CD Investments
8. Staff Training
9. Combined Circulation Desk & Entryway
10. Library Programming
11. WLA & Kidslitosphere Conference
12. LSTA Grant
13. Finance Committee Meeting.
14. Investment Committee Meeting.
15. Long Range Planning Meeting.
16. Intellectual Freedom Information


17. Budget.
18. Staff IDs.
19. Director Evaluation.
20. October Board Meeting.


(Including requests for business items for future meetings)
• Staff In-Service - September 21, 2007
• Library Board Meeting - October 2007, exact date to be decided.
• Kidlitosphere Conference - October 6
• Wisconsin Library Association Annual Conference - October 16-19

Menasha aldermen may attend meetings of this body. A quorum of the Common Council, Board of Public Works, Administration Committee, or Personnel Committee may attend this meeting. No official action of any of those bodies will be taken.




1. Bills. REQUESTED ACTION: Approval of bills as presented for September 2007.


2. Minutes. Minutes of Board meeting August 16, 2007. REQUESTED ACTION: Approval.

3. Minutes. Minutes of the Long Range Planning Committee meeting August 29, 2007. REQUESTED ACTION: Approval.

4. Minutes. Minutes of Finance Committee meeting September 10, 2007. REQUESTED ACTION: Approval.


5. Statistics. We continue on the roller coaster ride of library circulation statistics. This month we end up basically even at the end with adult items increasing in usage by 5.3% and children's materials decreasing by 5.8%.

6. Gift. We received a $90.00 gift to the Endowment from Helen Koloski in honor of her sister's 90th birthday.

7. Endowment CD Investments. We renewed two of our certificates of deposit at 5.15%. One CD was renewed for 12 months and the other for 14 months to help stagger when they come due.

8. Staff Training. This summer several of our staff were involved in training. Kathy Hannah attended a Spanish immersion class to help her improve her Spanish to a level where she can use it to speak with our patrons who speak Spanish but no English. Kathy Hannah and Ann Hardginski renewed their CPR and First Aid certifications while Karen Drechsel and I got our certification for the first time. Our emergency response team now numbers five, which is a much healthier number than before. I send a huge thank you to those staff willing to take on the responsibility.

9. Combined Circulation Desk and Entryway. I am writing this on the very first day of our children's circulation being done at the main desk. There have been small issues, including a critical piece of equipment that we thought we could move ourselves requiring professional aid. We have also changed the shelving at the entrance to the library to create a better inward flow as well as a nicer path between the children's department and the circulation desk. There will also be some moving of Internet computers to improve the way that our computers can be monitored by staff.

10. Library Programming. The library will be doing many more programs this fall. The Children's Department alone is tripling the number of programs they are offering while the adult department in increasing theirs tremendously as well. You will see story times, film showings, computer classes, musical events, and special programs. There are far too many programs in September and October to list here, but you can see them all on our website: www.menashalibrary.org. This is exactly what combining the circulation desks was for, to allow our talented staff to provide additional programs for our community.

11. WLA and Kidslitosphere Conferences. I will be speaking at the Wisconsin Library Association about the Library 2.0 movement in mid-October. I have also been asked to speak at the first Kidlitosphere Conference in Chicago in early October. It is specifically for children's literature bloggers, of which I am one of the longest running.

12. LSTA Grant. The library has applied for an LSTA Grant in the Innovative Uses of Technology category. Our application is for Podcasting Studios where patrons will be welcome to create podcasts using equipment purchased by the grant which include 2 iMacs, mics, and podcasting software. The grant totaled $3799 for two studios.

13. Finance Committee Meeting. The Finance Committee met on September 10th and recommended approval of the draft budget, which will be discussed later in the meeting.

14. Investment Committee Meeting. I will be contacting the members of this committee to set up a time for us to meet in September/October.

15. Long Range Planning Meeting. The Long Range Planning Committee met on August 29th. The committee decided to move ahead with focus groups rather than doing a survey. We are looking at three focus groups at this point: Special Needs (including the disabled and seniors), Diversity and Children. We hope to complete the focus groups within the next two months and then move ahead with developing the plan.

16. Intellectual Freedom Information. In your packets, you will find information about Intellectual Freedom, also known as the Right to Read. I always think it is good to know that books can be challenged at libraries and what your role as a Trustee would be in that situation. It is especially helpful to learn about it long before you are in that sort of situation.


17. Budget. The 2008 budget that I have drafted meets the mayor's recommended figure. We have received an increase in funding from both the City and the County, which will allow us to restore Sunday hours, take care of some equipment issues, and increase the materials budget. I had been scheduled to meet with the mayor, but the meeting had to be postponed. The draft budget may be changed to meet the needs of the City. If that happens by the day of the Board Meeting, I will provide those numbers as well. REQUESTED ACTION: Approve draft budget.

18. Staff IDs. The City is going to start requiring city employees to wear ID tags. The IDs will have a photo plus information on their position at the City. The library recently purchased name tags for all staff members. Administration and department heads have their full name on theirs, but other staff only have their first name because so many of the staff members requested it. The board needs to decide if we want to have full IDs like the City or name tags.

19. Director Evaluation. My evaluation was postponed until this fall, so that I would have a full year at the library first. Now it is once again time to evaluate my time here as director. I would be comfortable with you speaking or surveying staff as well, if you like. REQUESTED ACTION: Assign evaluation to Personnel Committee to be completed this fall.

20. October Board Meeting. I am running for WLA Board Secretary and won't know if I have been elected until early to mid October. If I am on the WLA Board, the Board meeting conflicts with our library board meeting in October. However, if I am not there is no conflict. My guess is that I will not win election due to the reputation of my counterpart. But it is a slim possibility. REQUESTED ACTION: Decide when to hold October Board meeting.