Local Historian Tom Sutter will be here to discuss the details of his Wisconsin Maps Through the Years exhibit on the library's art wall during March.

During the month of March discover the history and geography of Wisconsin by visiting this exhibit of fourteen Wisconsin maps, all part of a one-of-a-kind collection. The maps date from 1703 to 1989 and show the history of the place that would come to be known as Wisconsin.

The 1703 map was drawn by a French man, Baron Lahontan, who explored this part of New France in 1688.  The 1989 map shows the vegetation cover of the state.  In between those two are early maps depicting the Northwest Territory—the lands north and west of the Ohio River, out of which would be carved the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and finally, Wisconsin.

Mr. Sutter's collection includes an 1839 lithographed map by Nathaniel Currier, later of Currier & Ives fame.  There are maps from the time of statehood in 1848, one showing the status of the public surveys of the land.  It was those public surveys that were the driving force behind the government sale and the subsequent settling of the lands of the westward expansion of the United States—when westward expansion meant west of the Alleghenies to the wild western wilderness of Wisconsin.

An 1873 Gray’s Atlas Map shows the railroad lines that began to cross the state.  A colorful 1878 Geological Map of Wisconsin illustrates the economic foundations of the state.  A 1924 State Highway Map shows the beginnings of the roads that we now take for granted, a map that proclaims, "It is harder to get lost in Wisconsin than to find the way in many states".
And there is a modern three-dimensional relief map of Wisconsin which gives rise to more questions about the what and the why of the wonderful place we call home.

In the main floor Miron Fireside Room.

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Sunday, March 12, 2017 - 2:00pm