Print Here at the Library

Print at the library’s photocopier from anywhere — from home, your laptop, or any device. 

It’s as easy as sending an email message and coming in to use the photocopier at the library.

  • Send an email message, with attachments, to
  • You will receive a reply with a 6-digit confirmation number
  • At the library’s photocopier, select Services, Mobile Print and enter your confirmation number
  • Select the parts of your email message you wish to print — your message or any attachments. (Choose everything you would like to print at this point; your other files will not be stored for later printing.  Choose to print in color or black & white, single – or double-sided, stapled or not.)
  • Pay at the Reference Desk: 10¢ for black & white or 25¢ for color, per sheet, per side.