Elisha D. Smith Public Library
Company E Room
September 26, 2023

Called to order at 4:02pm by Chair Halverson
Present:     Trustee Golz, Chair Halverson, Secretary Lane, Trustee Stojanovic, Trustee Turner, Trustee Witt and Superintendent of Schools Zimmerman (arrived at 4:08pm)
Absent:    Trustee Franzoi and Teen Rep E. Lane
Also Present: Director Kopetsky, Programming Services Manager Moore-Nokes and Business Manager Dreyer

Public Comment/Communication

Consent Business
A motion was made by Turner, seconded by Witt to approve the Library Board of Trustees meeting minutes from August 22, 2023 and accept the Finance and Investment Committee meeting minutes of September 22, 2023.  Revision – Under the Updates, it should say, “Details in the EUA re-engagement and preliminary 2024 budget”.  Motion carried unanimously with the indicated change.  

Authorization of Bills
A motion was made by Golz, seconded by Lane to authorize payment of the September 2023 bills from the 2023 budget and endowment account.  Motion carried unanimously.  

Planning Process Update  
     ⦁    Kopetsky has met with community members, mayor and city attorney about how to move forward with vendors.  
     ⦁    Trustees reviewed the proposal for the renovation from EUA that covers the facility master planning/concept design, schematic design, design development, construction documents and construction administration.  Trustees recommended that the proposal be contingent upon the approval by the city council.  The proposal would be voted upon at our next board meeting and then the council would vote on it in November.  
     ⦁    The drawings of the front of the building and the part of the building that faces Racine Street need to be modified.  
     ⦁    Kopetsky will work on a naming rights and gift policy.

Friends of the Elisha D. Smith Public Library Update
     ⦁    Friends is planning a used book sale November 1 – 5.  
     ⦁    In October, Friends will begin a membership drive.  

New Business
Director’s Report

August Statistics
In August, 487 people utilized the makerspace.  Since SMITHworks opened, 5,300 have used the space for drop in programming and over 6,000 when we include programs.  

2023 Budget Status
Trustees reviewed the 2023 budget status.  

Shift Acknowledgement of 2003 Building Process
Trustees agreed to relocate the 2003 Building Process plaques from the lobby to another space.

Staff Reports
     ⦁    Programs have been scheduled through the end of the year.  

Adjourn into Closed Session:  Motion made by Lane, seconded by Zimmerman to adjourn into closed session pursuant to §19.85(1)(c), Wis. Stats., Considering employment, promotion, compensation or performance evaluation data of any public employee over which the governmental body has jurisdiction or exercises responsibility. Director’s annual performance review and compensation.

Roll call vote:  all board members voted in favor, none opposed.  The meeting adjourned into closed session at 5:04pm.  

Adjourn into open session:  Motion made by Golz, seconded by Stojanovich to adjourn, and reconvene in open session.
Roll call vote: all board members voted in favor, none opposed.  Reconvened into open session at 5:11pm.
Motion made by Golz, seconded by Zimmerman to approve a 10% increase in compensation for Kopetsky in 2024.  Motion carried unanimously.  

Our next Board of Trustees meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 24, 2023, at 4:00pm.

Motion to adjourn made at 5:15pm by Turner, seconded by Witt.   Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Dreyer, Recording Secretary