Elisha D. Smith Public Library
Company E Room
February 22, 2022

Called to order at 4:31pm by Chairman Golz
Present:     Chairman Golz, Vice Chairman Halverson, Trustee Lane (via Zoom), Trustee Stojanovic, Trustee Turner, Superintendent of Schools VanderHeyden, Trustee Witt and Teen Rep Chintamani (arrived at 4:37pm)
Absent:    Trustee Franzoi
Also Present:     John Nebel, Director Kopetsky, Support Services Supervisor Raschke, Adult Services Supervisor Moore-Nokes and Business Manager Dreyer

Public Comment/Communication
Mr. Nebel thanked trustees and staff for getting the library through COVID and the director change.  He discussed the need to establish a marketing plan for the library.  

Consent Business
A motion was made by VanderHeyden, seconded by Witt to approve the Library Board of Trustees meeting minutes from January 25, 2022.  Motion carried unanimously.  

A motion was made by Halverson, seconded by Turner to add to the agenda the approval of the Library Board of Trustees Building and Grounds Committee meeting minutes of February 17, 2022.  Motion carried unanimously.

A motion was made by Halverson, seconded by Turner to approve the Library Board of Trustees Building and Grounds Committee meeting minutes of February 17, 2022.  Motion carried unanimously.

Authorization of Bills
A motion was made by Halverson, seconded by VanderHeyden, to authorize payment of the February 2022 list of bills from the 2022 budget, endowment fund and WALS Technology Fund.  Motion carried unanimously.  

Unfinished Business
Planning Process Update
We are working with EUA on a revised timeline, expected outcomes and roles and the responsibilities of each party.  Carolyn Glime (EUA) and Kopetsky will be the contact people.  A project leadership team is being developed to help with the direction of the community engagement.  We hope to have these meetings done by the end of May since it is hard to get people together over the summer.  At our meeting on March 8, we will determine what we want out of this process.  The Building and Grounds Committee is recommending that we not pursue of the services of Margaret Sullivan Studio (MSS) at this time.  Motion made by Halverson, seconded by Witt approve the recommendation of the Building & Grounds Committee.  Trustees discussed the benefits of a local company, potential duplication of services and how we could bring MSS in at a different time.  Moton carried unanimously.  

Ad Hoc Committee to Establish Friends Group Update
Kopetsky will be talking with Marquette University Law School tomorrow, February 23, about establishing the 501(c)3.

New Business
Director’s Report

  • As part of our capital expenses for 2022, we are looking at flipper tables with wheels and shelving options for new and popular materials.  
  • We are continuing to talk with the Boys and Girls Brigade about ways in which we can collaborate.
  • We have experienced some challenges getting the word out about our new programs.  Kopetsky would like the Marketing and Resource Development Committee to meet to discuss what platforms to use and amount of money to spend on marketing.
  • COVID cases have fallen and remained below the threshold set last October.  We have ended our masking mandate except for meetings and programs due to prolonged exposure.  Beginning Monday, February 28, face coverings will be optional for both employees and public within City buildings.
  • January Statistics
  • Last January, the library was only open for curbside service which is why this year’s numbers show a substantial increase over last year.  We are seeing the use of electronic materials plateau as some patrons stick to electronic formats while others returned to physical copies.

2021 Budget Status Report
Trustees reviewed the final 2021 budget.  Last month, we encumbered the cost of the facility plan and preliminary design / cost estimate ($48,000) and valve replacement ($12,000) from the remaining funds from 2021.  Kopetsky would like to encumber another $2,500 for our chiller.  Motion made by Halverson, seconded by Turner to encumber $2,500 for the chiller from the 2021 budget.  Motion carried unanimously.  

2022 Budget Status
Trustees reviewed the 2022 budget status.

2022 Volunteer of the Year
Staff would like to nominate Bob Plath as our 2022 Volunteer of the Year.  Bob has been instrumental in pulling the holds off the shelfs in the morning especially during our staff shortages due to COVID.  Motion made by Turner, seconded by Halverson to recognize Bob Plath as our Volunteer of the Year.  Motion carried unanimously.

2021 Annual Report to Wisconsin Department of Instruction
Trustees reviewed the annual report.  Motion made by VanderHeyden, seconded by Witt to agree that the Winnefox Library System did provide effective leadership and adequately met the needs of the library.  Motion carried unanimously.

Staff Reports

  • We are a drop off site for Help for the Homeless Hygiene Drive.
  • Tonight, Fox Cities Reads will be announcing their Community Read books and authors here at the library.
  • Pa Ja Yang is a great addition to our team.  She has planned some activities at the Boys & Girls Club.
  • Staff is learning the new equipment in SMITHworks.  

Our March meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 29, at 4:30pm instead of March 22.  

Motion to adjourn made at 5:40pm by Turner, seconded by Stojanovic.  Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Dreyer, Recording Secretary