Elisha D. Smith Public Library
Company E Room
January 25, 2022

Called to order at 4:31pm by Chairman Golz
Present:     Trustee Franzoi, Chairman Golz, Vice Chairman Halverson, Trustee Lane, Trustee Schwerbel, Trustee Stojanovic, Trustee Turner (arrived at 4:46pm), Superintendent of Schools VanderHeyden, Trustee Witt and Teen Rep Chintamani (arrived at 4:36pm)
Also Present:     Director Kopetsky, Support Services Supervisor Raschke, Adult Services Supervisor Moore-Nokes and Business Manager Dreyer

Public Comment/Communication

Consent Business
A motion was made by Halverson, seconded by Witt to approve the Library Board of Trustees meeting minutes from December 28, 2021.  Motion carried unanimously.  

Authorization of Bills
A motion was made by VanderHeyden, seconded by Lane, to authorize payment of the December (2) 2021 list of bills from the 2021 budget and the January 2022 list of bills from the 2022 budget and endowment fund.  Motion carried unanimously.  

Unfinished Business
Building & Grounds Committee Update
City Attorney Pam Captain is putting together a contract for EUA.  Kopetsky will be the contact person.

Ad Hoc Committee to Establish Friends Group Update
Kopetsky will be talking with Marquette University Law School on February 23 about establishing the 501(c)3.

New Business
Director’s Report

  • The library received a generous donation from Mowry Smith III.
  • The Children’s and Reference Department staff have integrated into one workspace.
  • The Makerspace has been completed.  There will be a soft opening on February 22 from
  • 6:00-8:00pm.  
  • Lakeside Book Company will be covering the cost of our program leaders for the creative writing programs in 2022 beginning February 14.
  • Boardlandia Games will be leading a once-a-month gaming program to introduce participants to new games.
  • We will be posting one or two casual (unbenefited) staff positions.  

December Statistics
Last year, we were at about 64% of our normal circulation pre-COVID.  We were closed the first two months of the year and then we opened with reduced hours.  Our circulation per capita was 8.6% ranking 2nd in our area.  

Over the last month, we have had staffing challenges due to COVID but have been able to operate with full services.  

2021 Budget Status Report
Trustees reviewed the 2021 budget.  Kopetsky proposed that we encumber the cost of the planning and preliminary design / cost estimate ($48,000 previously was reported as $46,000) and valve replacement ($12,000) from the remaining funds from 2021.  Motion made by Franzoi, seconded by Halverson to encumber the cost of the planning and preliminary design/cost estate and valve replacement and revisit any remaining funds next month.  Motion carried unanimously.  

Endowment and WALS Fund Reports
Trustees reviewed the 2021 endowment and WALS Fund reports.  

2019-2023 Strategic Plan Update
Trustees reviewed the 2019-2023 strategic plan.  The community engagement component with EUA will help frame our next strategic plan.  Board committees should determine if they still align with the strategic plan.

Franzoi and Lane left the meeting at 5:22pm.

Staff Reports

  • Pa Ja Yang will be starting on January 31.
  • Adult Services and the Children’s Departments are working on programming, weeding/rearranging collections, summer reading program and budget/purchases.  In January, we had 22 programs and in February we have 35 scheduled.
  • The Circulation Department has started cross training library assistants at the Children’s and Reference desks.

Motion to adjourn made at 5:31pm by VanderHeyden, seconded by Halverson.  Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Dreyer, Recording Secretary