Elisha D. Smith Public Library
Company E Room
December 28, 2021

Called to order at 4:35pm by Chairman Golz
Present:     Chairman Golz, Vice Chairman Halverson, Trustee Lane, Trustee Schwerbel, Trustee Stojanovic, Superintendent of Schools VanderHeyden and Trustee Witt (arrived at 4:37pm)
Absent:    Trustee Franzoi, Trustee Turner and Teen Rep. Chintamani
Also Present:     Director Kopetsky, Support Services Supervisor Raschke, Adult Services Supervisor Moore-Nokes and Business Manager Dreyer

Public Comment/Communication

Consent Business
A motion was made by Halverson, seconded by VanderHeyden to approve the Library Board of Trustees meeting minutes from November 23, 2021 and the Building & Grounds Committee meeting from December 2, 2021 and December 21, 2021.  Motion carried unanimously.  

Authorization of Bills
A motion was made by Schwerbel, seconded by Lane, to authorize payment of the December 2021 list of bills from the 2021 budget, endowment fund and WALS fund.  Motion carried unanimously.  

Unfinished Business
Building & Grounds Committee Update
The Building & Grounds Committee is recommending to the board to move forward and offer a contract to EUA.  Motion made by VanderHeyden, seconded by Witt to approve the recommendation by the Building & Grounds Committee.  Motion carried unanimously.  The other architectural firms that submitted RFP’s will be notified.  

Ad Hoc Committee to Establish Friends Group Update
Kopetsky contacted Marquette University Law School, who helps nonprofits pro-bono in Wisconsin, about filing Form 1023 for our 501(c)3.  They are in between semesters so they will contact us once the semester starts.  Since they are primarily only available to answer questions, Kopetsky will reach out to Franzoi.  

New Business
Director’s Report

  • The city council deducted $2,000 from the library’s programming line.  Kopetsky is recommending that this instead be deducted from the materials budget so that we can continue our programming plan for 2022.  Motion made by Witt, seconded by Lane, to deduct $2,000 from the materials budget for 2022 rather than the programming budget.  Motion carried unanimously.  
  • Helen Englebert is supporting the learning space through Jim’s Memorial and personal donation.
  • We received a $5,000 Spark Grant from the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region, Inc.
  • Adult Services and Children’s staff is consolidating into the space in the Children’s Department.
  • Kopetsky is working on partnerships with Lakeside Book Company to underwrite our creative writing program for 2022, Boardlandia Games to provide staff to the library to teach new games to attendees, Bergstrom Mahler Museum of Glass to do a glass blowing demonstration in spring and Heckrodt Wetland Reserve to have another story walk in January.
  • In addition, Kopetsky is also meeting with the Boys and Girls Club to talk about co-programming, Banta Elementary about outreach to their school community and Menasha Park and Rec regarding programming opportunities in 2022.
  • Pa Ja Yang accepted our offer to join the Elisha D. Smith team.  She is currently the Hmong Family Outreach Specialist at the Appleton Public Library.  She will start the end of January.

November Statistics
Our numbers have bounced back from 2020 levels but we are still well below pre-pandemic levels.  Our physical numbers are increasing while our digital is decreasing.  We are looking to revise our current statistics report.

Community levels remain high and local hospitals are stretched to capacity.  Internally, we have had lost time due to illness and exposure to positive family members.  We plan to continue offering our current services and requiring the usage of masks.  

2021 Budget Status Report
Trustees reviewed the 2021 budget.  

Staff Reports

  • Adult Services and the Children’s Department is putting the finishing touches on programming for January.  Currently they are offering take and make projects.
  • Support Services has had staff out with or awaiting COVID tests for themselves or family members as well as end of year vacations.  

Adjourn into Closed Session:  Motion made by Halverson seconded by Lane to adjourn into closed session pursuant to §19.85(1)(c), Wis. Stats., Considering employment, promotion, compensation or performance evaluation data of any public employee over which the governmental body has jurisdiction or exercises responsibility. Director’s annual performance review and 2022 library staff members’ salary steps and merit increases.

Roll call vote:  all board members voted in favor, none opposed.  The meeting adjourned into closed session at 5:06pm.  

Adjourn into Open Session
Motion made by Schwerbel to adjourn into open session, seconded by Halverson.  

Roll call vote: all board members voted in favor, none opposed. The meeting adjourned into open session at 5:20pm.

Motion made by Schwerbel, seconded by Witt to approve the 2% cost of living adjustment and step increases as recommended by Kopetsky as of December 26, 2021 and a 2% increase for Kopetsky as of December 26, 2021.  Motion carries unanimously.

Motion to adjourn made at 5:25pm by Halverson, seconded by VanderHeyden.  Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Dreyer and Carrie Lane, Recording Secretary’s