Federal Government
Wisconsin's U.S. Senators represent everyone in our state.
Telephone Senator Tammy Baldwin at 920.498.2268 or type a message at her website.
Telephone Senator Ron Johnson at 920.230.7262 or type a message at his website.

6th U.S. Congressional District    map
Telephone U.S. Congressman Glenn Grothman at 920.907.0624 or send Congressman Grothman an email message.      (Find your +4 zip code.)

8th U.S. Congressinal District    map
Telephone U.S. Congressman Mike Gallagher at 920.903.9806 or send Congressman Gallagher an email message.      (Find your +4 zip code.)

State Government
Find your state legislators.  Enter your address here.

State Assembly Representatives        map
Assembly District 57 Rep.  Lee Snodgrass        
Assembly District 3 Rep.  Ron Tusler      
Assembly District 55 Rep. Nate Gustafson    
Assembly District 56 Rep.  David Murphy    

State Senators     map
State Senator -- District 1 -- Andre Jacque     
State Senator -- District 19 --  Rachael Cabral-Guevara      

Local Government
Winnebago County
Calumet County
City of Menasha
Village of Fox Crossing  (at-large)
Village of Harrison   (at large)
School Board -- Menasha Joint School District   (at large)