Get free legal assistance on the first Tuesday of each month between 4:30 and 6:30pm in the library's lower level meeting rooms.

Volunteers at the library can help you out whether you are proceeding pro se (without an attorney) or if you need the help of an attorney free of charge.  You may be already suing someone else.  Maybe someone is suing you.  You may need to modify an order such as child support or placement of your children.  You might need the protection of a restraining order.  Or maybe you are feeling that you have been wronged and do not know what you can do about it.  The clinic, which is held in the Activity and Gegan Rooms, lower level,  can offer help with the following types of cases and more:

Family law
Small claims
Domestic abuse/Harassment
Probate/Will or Guardianship
Property disputes

Get advice on how to represent yourself or get a referral to an attorney who can possibly represent you without a fee.  First come, first served.

Please note, the Free Legal Assistance Clinic cannot help you if you already have an attorney representing you for that legal problem.

This program is coordinated by the Winnebago County Clerk of Courts.  For more information about the service, call 920.236.4848.