On Wednesday, March 15, we had Druid’s table perform an acoustic set in our Miron Fireside Room. Druid's Table is a group of five musicians from the Fox Cities, has been performing traditional Celtic folk music since 1999.

The group performs jigs, hornpipes, ballads, pub songs, reels, airs and Irish polkas using instrumentation including harp, accordion, penny whistle, fiddle, guitar, Irish flute, concertina and bodhran.

Band Members:

Tom Hannah - Fiddle/Bodhran/Spoons

Selene Finch - Accordion/Vocals

Theresa Hannah - Flutes/Penny Whistle

Barbara Hoffman - Guitar/Celtic Harp/Vocals

Terry Dawson - Concertina/Guitar/Bodhran/Vocals

Band Druid's Table



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