Future Bestsellers

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Archer, Jeffrey -- Heads you win     book on disc     large print
Aristo, David -- This is Cuba: an American journalist under Castro's shadow
Baldacci, David -- Long road to mercy     book on disc     large print
Berg, Elizabeth -- Night of miracles     book on disc     large print
Berg, Thomas Reinertsen -- Theater of the world: the maps that made history
Brown, Jeremy -- Influenza: the hundred year hunt to cure the deadliest disease in history
Brown, Rita Mae -- Homeward hound     book on disc
Child, Lee -- Past tense: a Jack Reacher novel
Clark, Mary Higgins -- You don't own me     book on disc
Cook, Robin -- Pandemic
Cussler, Clive -- Celtic empire
Cussler, Clive -- Sea of greed
Evanovich, Janet -- Look alive twenty-five     large print     book on disc
Evans, Richard Paul -- The noel stranger     book on disc
Gaines, Joanna -- Homebody
Gallo, Paolo -- The compass and the radar: the art of building a rewarding career while remaining true to yourself
Garten, Ina -- Cook like a pro
Goggins, David -- Can't hurt me: master your mind and defy the odds
Goodkind, Terry -- Siege of stone
Griffin, W.E.B. -- The enemy of my enemy
Groom, Winston -- The allies: Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, and the unlikely alliance that won WWII
Hartwig, Melissa -- Whole30 slow cooker
Heller, Marla -- Dash diet Mediterranean solution
Hunt, Joshua -- University of Nike: how corporate cash bought American education
Johnson, Spencer -- Out of the maze
Johnstone, William -- Preacher's rage
King, Stephen -- Elevation
Martini, Steve -- The secret partner
Mellen, Joan -- Blood in the water: how the U.S. and Israel conspired to ambush the USS Liberty
Michaels, Jillian -- The 6 keys: unlock your genetic potential for ageless strength, health, and beauty
Moriarty, Liane -- Nine perfect strangers
Obama, Michelle -- Becoming     large print     book on disc
Patterson, James -- 18th abduction     book on disc
Penny, Louise -- Kingdom of the blind
Poyer, David -- Deep war (a Dan Lenson novel)
Roberts, Nora -- Of blood and bone     large print     book on disc
Sandford, John -- Neon prey     large print     book on disc
Stabenow, Dana -- Death of an eye
Strausbaugh, John -- Victory city: a history of New York and New Yorkers during WWII
Turner, Tina -- My love story
Yousafzai, Ziauddin -- Let her fly
Zinczenko, David -- Zero sugar cookbook

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