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Arsenault, Raymond -- Arthur Ashe: a life
Barclay, Linwood -- A noise downstairs
Beiser, Vince -- World in a grain: the story of sand and how it transformed civilization
Bowen, Rhys -- Four funerals and maybe a wedding          large print
Brown, Sandra -- Tailspin          large print
Child, Lee -- Past tense: a Jack Reacher novel
Clark, Mary Higgins -- You don't own me
Coulter, Catherine -- Paradox          book on disc
Crabtree, James -- The billionaire raj: a journey through India's new gilded age
Cussler, Clive -- Celtic empire
de Courcy, Anne -- The husband hunters: American heiresses who married into the British aristocracy
Delinsky, Barbara -- Before and again          book on disc
Dell'Antonia, Kj -- How to be a happier parent: raising a family, having a life, and loving (almost) every minute
Fox, Margalit -- Conan Doyle for the defense: the true story of a sensational British murder, a quest for justice, and the world's most famous detective writer
Giffin, Emily -- All we ever wanted          book on disc
Hamilton, Steve -- Dead man running
Hampton, Ryan -- American fix: inside the opioid addiction crisis and how to end it
Hanson, Thor -- Buzz: the nature and necessity of bees
Hunt, Joshua -- University of Nike: how corporate cash bought American education
Johansen, Iris & Roy Johansen -- Double blind
Krueger, William Kent -- Desolation mountain          book on disc          large print
Lingan, John -- Homeplace: a southern town, a country legend, and the last days of a mountain-top honky tonk
Lustbader, Eric Van -- Four dominions
Macomber, Debbie -- Cottage by the sea          book on disc         
Macy, Beth -- Dopesick: dealers, doctors, and the drug company that addicted America
Martini, Steve -- The secret partner
Michaels, Fern -- Safe and sound
Obama, Michelle -- Becoming
O'Brien, Keith -- Fly girls: how five daring women defied all odds and made aviation history
Parker, T. Jefferson -- Swift vengeance          book on disc          large print
Patterson, James -- Texas ranger
Prose, Francine -- What to read and why
Pyenson, Nick -- Spying on whales: the past, present, and future of Earth's most awesome creatures
Ribowsky, Mark -- In the name of the father: family, football, and the Manning dynasty
Rice, Anne -- Blood communion: a tale of Prince Lestat
Ross, John F. -- The promise of the Grand Canyon: John Wesley Powell's perilous journey and his vision for the American West
Rowbottom, Allie -- Jell-o girls: a family history
Scottoline, Lisa -- Feared          large print
Sherman, Casey -- 12: the inside story of Tom Brady's fight for redemption
Siegel, Daniel J. -- Aware: the science and practice of prescence, the groundbreaking meditation practice
Silva, Daniel -- The other woman          large print
Slaughter, Karin -- Pieces of her          book on disc          large print
Steel, Danielle -- The good fight
Thor, Brad -- Spymaster: a thriller
Vincent, Lynn -- Indianapolis: the true story of the worst sea disaster in U.S. naval history and the fifty-year fight to exonerate an innocent man
Wiggs, Susan -- Between you & me          book on disc
Williams, Beatriz -- The summer wives
Woods, Stuart -- Money shot          book on disc          large print


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