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Bredesen, Dale -- The end of Alzheimer's: the first program to prevent and reverse cognitive decline
Brennan, Thomas -- Shooting ghosts: a U.S. Marine, a combat photographer, and their journey back from war
Brown, Brené -- Braving the wilderness: the quest for true belonging and the courage to stand alone
Cook, Kevin -- Electric October: seven world series games, six lives, five minutes of fame that lasted forever
Dawson, Mick - Battling the ocean in a rowboat: crossing the Atlantic and North Pacific on oars and grit
Deutermann, P.T. -- Red swan
Eisenberg, John -- The streak: Lou Gehrig, Cal Ripken, Jr., and baseball's most historic record
Fountain, Henry -- The great quake: how the biggest earthquake in North America changed our understanding of the planet
Gay, Roxane -- Hunger: a memoir of (my) body
Gerritsen, Tess -- I know a secret
Grafton, Sue -- Y is for yesterday
Gross, Andrew -- The saboteur
Kiernan, Denise -- The last castle: the epic story of love, loss, and American royalty in the nation’s largest home
Kimball, Christopher -- Christopher Kimball's Milk Street: the new home cooking
Markel, Howard -- The Kelloggs: the battling brothers of Battle Creek
Martini, Steve -- The secret partner
McKenna, Maryn -- Big chicken: the incredible story of how antibiotics created modern agriculture and changed the way the world eats
Metsovas, Stella -- Wild Mediterranean: the age-old, science-new plan for a healthy gut, with food you can trust
Michels, Barry & Phil Stuz -- Coming alive: 4 tools to defeat your inner enemy, ignite creative expression, and unleash your soul's potential
Morrison, Toni -- The origin of others
Oz, Mehmet -- Food can fix it: the superfood switch to fight fat, defy aging, and eat your way healthy
Sancton, Tom -- The Bettencourt affair: the world's richest woman and the scandal that rocked Paris
Scottoline, Lisa -- Exposed
Sherzai, Dean -- The alzheimer's solution: a breakthrough program to prevent and reverse the symptoms of cognitive decline at every age
Slater, Matthew --Drive for five: the remarkable run of the 2016 Patriots
Tanenbaum, Robert K. -- Without fear or favor
Ward, Geoffrey -- The Vietnam War: an intimate history
Weir, Alison --Queens of the conquest: England's Medieval Queens Book One
Wiggs, Susan -- Map of the heart
Woods, Stuart -- Barely legal

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