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Baldacci, David -- The fallen         large print          book on disc         
Bittman, Mark -- How to grill everything: simple recipes for great flame-cooked food
Carroll, Linda -- Out of the clouds: the unlikely horseman and the unwanted colt who conquered the sport of kings
Cohen, Lorenzo -- Anticancer living: transform your life and health with the mix of six
Comey, James -- Higher loyalty: truth, lies, and leadership
Cooke, Lucy -- The truth about animals: stoned sloths, lovelorn hippos, and other tales from the wild side of wildlife
Coulter, Catherine -- The sixth day          large print          book on disc
Dray, Philip -- The fair chase: the epic story of hunting in America
Ehrenreich, Barbara -- Natural causes: an epidemic of wellness, the certainty of dying, and killing ourselves to live longer
Estleman, Loren D. -- Black and white ball
Gaines, Joanna -- Magnolia table: a collection of recipes for gathering
Gallagher, Tim -- Born to fish: how an obsessed angler became the world's greatest striped bass fisherman
Grimes, Martha -- The knowledge     large print     
Jamison, Leslie -- The recovering: intoxication and its aftermath
Johansen, Iris -- Shattered mirror     book on disc
King, Stephen -- The outsider           audiobook
Koontz, Dean -- The crooked staircase: a Jane Hawk novel          audiobook
Martini, Steve -- The secret partner
McNamara, Eileen -- Eunice: the Kennedy who changed the world
Morton, Andrew -- Meghan: a Hollywood princess
Palmer, Michael -- The first family          large print
Pollan, Michael -- How to change your mind: what the new science of psychedelics teaches us about consciousness, dying, addiction, depression, & transcendence
Rhodes, Richard -- Energy: a human history
Richards, Cecile -- Make trouble: standing up, speaking out, and finding the courage to lead
Roberts, Nora -- Shelter in place          audiobook
Roberts, Randy -- A season in the sun: the rise of Mickey Mantle
Sanford, John -- Twisted prey     large print      book on disc     
Santomero, Angela -- Preschool clues: raising smart, inspired, and engaged kids in a screen-filled world
Sedaris, David -- Calypso
Sederer, Lloyd -- Addiction solution: treating our dependence on opioids and other drugs
Smith, Ian K. -- The clean 20: 20 foods, 20 days, total transformation
Ware, Ruth -- The death of Mrs. Westaway
Wright, Lawrence -- God save Texas: a journey into the soul of the Lone Star State
Woods, Stuart -- Shoot first (think later)     book on disc


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