Future Bestsellers

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Amen, Daniel G. -- Memory rescue
Bacon, John U. -- The great Halifax explosion
Blincoe, Nicholas -- Bethlehem: biography of a town
Block, Lawrence -- Alive in shape and color
Bova, Ben -- Survival
Chiaverini, Jennifer -- Enchantress of numbers
Chomsky, Noah -- Global discontents
Crais, Robert -- The wanted
Davis, Stephen -- Gold dust woman: the biography of Stevie Nicks
Dent, Harry S. -- Zero hour
Ellsberg, Daniel -- The doomsday machine
Erdrich, Louise -- Future home of the living god
Fraser, Caroline -- Prairie fires
Griffin, W.E.B. -- Death at Nuremberg
Grisham, John -- The rooster bar
Harris, Dan -- Meditation for fidgety skeptics
Henshaw, Mark -- Last man in Tehran
Higgins, Kristan -- Now that you mention it
Kix, Paul -- The saboteur: the aristocrat who became France's most daring anti-Nazi commandor
Koontz, Dean -- The whispering room: a Jane Hawk novel
LeGuin, Ursula K. -- No time to spare: thinking about what matters
Martin, George R. R. -- Mississippi roll
Martini, Steve -- The secret partner
Morris, Martha Clare -- Diet for the mind
Perry, Michael -- Montaigne in barn boots: an amateur ambles through philosophy
Rather, Dan -- What unites us: reflections on patriotism
Roberts, Nora -- Year one
Rollins, James -- Demon crown
Roney, Carley -- The knot's yours truly: inspiration and ideas to personalize your wedding
Wiking, Meik -- The little book of Lykke

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