What's New in Teens

New Teen Books - April 23


The last echo
By: Kimberly Derting


By:  Gina Damico


Dead is a battlefield
By: Marlene Perez


Die for me
By: Amy Plum


In too dee p
By: Amanda Grace


Justin Thyme
By: Panama Oxridge


By: Cole Gibson


New girl
By: Paige Harbison


Orphan of destiny
By: Michael P. Spradlin ; [map illustration by Mike Reagan]


Other words for love
By: Lorraine Zago Rosenthal


The healer's apprentice
By: Melanie Dickerson


The iron witch
By: Karen Mahoney


The long way home
By: Andrew Klavan


The merchant's daughter
By: Melanie Dickerson


The truth of the matter
By: by Andrew Klavan


What my mother doesn't know
By: Sonya Sones


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