What's New in Teens

New Teen Books - April 14


Going over
By: Beth Kephart
Half bad
By: Sally Green
By: Sherrilyn Kenyon
No place
By: Todd Strasser
By: Dan Wells
Sea of shadows
By: Kelley Armstrong
The here and now
By: Ann Brashares
This side of salvation
By: a novel by Jeri Smith-Ready
By: Sophie Jordan
Zom-B gladiator
By: Darren Shan


172 hours on the moon : a novel
By: by Johan Harstad ; translation by Tara F. Chace
Ask again later
By: Liz Czukas
Catch rider
By: Jennifer H. Lyne
By: Christina Farley
Some quiet place
By: Kelsey Sutton
Summer on the short bus
By: Bethany Crandell
The summer I became a nerd
By: by Leah Rae Miller


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