Newsflash: Illustrated Fiction Section Added in the Children's Room!

Hey there library friends!  It's a new year and we introduced you to our new graphic novel section a few weeks ago, but the fun isn't over!  This past week we added another new section of books to the children's room - illustrated fiction!  We're so excited to have this section of books to share with you - but you might be wondering to yourself, "what in the world is illustrated fiction?"  That's a great question!

Illustrated fiction is a hybrid, or a combination, of words and pictures working together to tell a story.  Picture books are also made up of words and pictures working together, but usually for a younger audience.  The books included in our illustrated fiction section have been created with an older elementary school audience in mind rather than an audience of preschoolers or kindergarteners.  These books have subjects, vocabulary words, or complex ideas that are aimed at readers anywhere from 2nd to 5th grade.  However, many of these books do not have chapters or sections but tell one continuous story making them a unique bridge between picture books and longer fiction books.

Illustrated fiction books are a great addition for any school project, homeschooling unit, or just reading for fun!  There are all kinds of genres represented in our new section - historical fiction, books about World War II and the Holocaust, books about escaping slavery in the South in the 19th century, and even books about life in ancient Egypt!  There are also books based on popular fiction series like the Spiderwick Chronicles and the Redwall books, and even books that might be a bit too scary for your younger brother or sister!

Stop in and check out some books from our illustrated fiction section - you're bound to find some hidden gems that you've never noticed before! Each of the covers in the picture to the right are books that you can in the illustrated fiction!  Hope to see you soon!!

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