Do You Have the Time?

Time. It's marked by hands on a clock or a line through history. Clocks can be found anywhere - phones, wristwatches, computers and walls. Timelines are little harder to come especially when you want one that's specific to your topic. Here's a great tool for creating your own timeline for your own topic. Head on over to Dipity. Dipity is a free digital timeline website that helps you create your own timelines! When you sign-up, you can create, share, embed and collaborate on timelines that integrate video, audio, images, text, links, social media, location and timestamps. Go solo or with a group, the choice is yours!

The library has internest computers available for children, teens and adults. The Menasha Joint School District also shared some Blue Jay computers with us. If you assign a timeline project, your students can come on over and sign-up for some computer time. We'd love to help with homework!

We're open:

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