Finding a Classroom Read Aloud

School might be out for the summer, but next year is just around the corner. Summer is a time for relaxation, reflection and planning. Are you looking for read alouds to share with your class? In the Children's Room, stop by the Info Desk and ask the librarians about their favorite reads. We also own a helpful bibliography binder for Preschool aged students and School aged students. Each binder is filled with great books to include in your school library, book recommendations and read alouds.

Sometimes, it's hard to difficult to visit the library. Visit our online books section! We have lists of great books for you and your students to enjoy. Different catagories can be found on the left side panel.

Other online resource is the Living Lord Library Curriculum Materials Center from Minnesota State University Moorhead. They created special awards and pages about classroom read alouds. Their awards are the Wanda Gag Book Award for toddlers to age 8 and the Comstock Book Award for ages 8-12.

Let us know what you like to read in your classrooms! You can leave a comment below. Happy reading!

Image: 'Holiday Story'

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