New Parent/Teacher Materials

Our Parent/Teacher section in the Children's Room is constantly changing. Here is a highlight of a few books we added this November...

At Daddy's on Saturdays written Linda Walvoord Girard and illustrated by Judith Friedman

Katie's daddy moves out of the house when he and her mommy get divorced. Katie is angry, sad and most of all, afraid her daddy will never come back. But on Saturdays he's there. and Katie comes to understand that even though her parents can't live together anymore, they both still love her and will always be her mommy and her daddy.

Scholastic 50 Fill-In Math Word Problems: Multiplication & Division for Grades 2-4 by Bob Krech and Joan Novelli

These interactive worksheets are instant math motivators! Each hilarious fill-in story gives students a fun way to practice solving world problems, build vocabulary, and decelop automaticity in multiplication and division facts. Perfect for partner and small-group learning, or as day starters or homework.

Scholastic The Great BIG Idea Book MATH for Grades 2-3

This learning-packed resource features teacher-tested ideas, reproducible activities, delightful games, and easy-to-make manipulatives that teach inportant concepts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, measurement, time, money, and graphing. Includes writing, art, music, and movemtn connections for kids of all learning sytles, plus assessment ideas and tips for working with English Language Learners.

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