Tall and Small

We're all a like and we're all different. Some friends own dogs - some dogs are big and some dogs are small, but they're all dogs!

We learned opposites today! Open and closed. High and low. In and out.

If you missed today's storytime, you can come on in and find a great opposite book in the library. You can search on our online catalogue by searching under Subject: Opposites Fiction.

You can also make your own opposite book at home. Kizclub has a page where you can print off opposite pictures, glue them together and have your own book! You can print in color or black and white.

Next week is our final Fall storytime! Stop in on Monday at 10am or 6:30pm for Storytime with Miss Ann or Tuesday at 10am for Storytime with Miss Pippi. We'd love to see you!

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