Pippi's Printing Picks

Two more titles to share with you today for the 40 Book Challenge:

Pirate Palooza by Erik Craddock

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Roderick Rocks by Jeff Kinney

I started on the second page, but I still have about two whole pages left to fill. I need to read more books! I hope to have a longer book update on the next Pippi's Printing Picks. If you have a great book to suggest, just let me know by leaving a comment!

Pirate Palooza is the second book of the Stone Rabbit Series. Rabbit brings along one of his friends for pirate adventure. It's a graphic novel that will appeal to kids who love pirates and wants something really easy to read with full color graphics.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Roderick Rules is the second book of the Wimpy Kid series. I understand why kids love these books. They are fantastic.  It captures what kids think about while they're growing up: worrying about what other kids think about them, seeing what they can "get away with," and working through conflicts with others in their world. You can read this as a standalone but it's a better read after book one.

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