48-Hour Update #2

Time for another break from books and let you know about some great books I found to read.

I started my second round a reading with Knucklehead by Jon Scieszka. I've read bits and pieces previously and was thrilled to read the complete book. Jon shares stories from his growing up years, which at times seem wonderfully funny yet unbelievable. Knowing siblings and boys, it is very much true, too. It's a quick read that would be a great read-a-loud.

Barbara Ensor now has two fairytale books out. I love fantasy and I love rewritten fairytales. Barbara's Quick Reads for Smart Girls include Cinderella (as if you didn't know the story) and Thumbelina, Tiny Runaway Bride. Each book features...

cutout illustrations made by the author. She is following in Hans Christian Andersen's footsteps. He loved to create images by cutting out black and white paper to form pictures. Another interesting tidbit about Barbara is that she worked as a traveling puppeteer after college.

I wrapped up my pre-dinner reading with The Princess and the Peabodys by Betty G. Birney. The open pages made me want to read the book outloud to someone. Every couple pages had a quote which I wanted to write down and save for later. One of my favorite quotes is from the father at the beginning, "One mans trash is another mans trash." A great book that could be a fun read-a-loud.

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