Pippi's Printing Picks

Sometimes when you're browsing the aisles in the library, you come across books that catch your eye because the whimsical and fun illustrations. Today, I walked through the picture books and picked up a few stories to share with you. ...

Chip Tees Off! by Christina Turner

The artwork in this book was drawn in colored pencil. The bold, bright strokes bring a smile to my face. I want to dig out my colored pencils and dust off my sketch book. You're in for a sporty read from a new perspective -- a living golf ball.

Cosmo ZOOMS by Arthur Howard

The illustrations remind me of colored pencils, but the mediums used are watercolor, gouache, and black pencil. The pencil lines create the outlines and movement for each character while the other mediums add color and definition. Another great way to create lines in a drawing is using a black marker and filling in the drawing with your favorite meduim; whether it be watercolor, markers, colored pencils or even torn paper pieces!

The Pout-Pout Fish

by Deborah Diesen

pictures by Dan Hanna

Whimsical, hand-drawn art comes alive with the use of ... an unknown art medium! Can you guess what art medium illustrator Dan Hanna used in this book?



If you guessed watercolor, colored pens and pencils and white acrylic, you're right!

Special thanks to Dan Hanna for letting us know!

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