Pippi's Printing Picks

I took a walk through Non-Fiction today and picked up a classic, a birthday book and something fun! ...

I memorized the layout of the library when I was little. I knew the places for all my favorite books. One set of books I checked out frequently was the figure of speech books by Fred Gwynne. (+428 G)

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! Every year we celebrate a great man in children's literature. Weeks before his birthday it is hard to find his books at the library. Everyone wishes to read one of his many wonderful works during his birthday week. I have a surprise for you! It's The Cat in the Hat Songbook by Dr. Seuss. The piano score and guitar choards are by Eugene Poddany. Read a book, sing a song, or watch a video -- enjoy the Seuss! (+784 S)

Cartoons, questions and color depict life in Ancient Egypt. Pop open a new style of history book with History Dudes. Dudes from the past tell it like it was.

History Dudes Ancient Egyptians written by Laura Buller and illustrated by Rich Cando is an entertaining and memorable walk through history. (+932 B)

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