June 19, 2014 - Board of Trustees Minutes




Minutes of Regular Meeting
Elisha D. Smith Public Library Gegan Room
June 19, 2014

Call to order at 4:01 p.m. by Vice President Crawmer

Present:  Crawmer, Eisen, Kiley, Nichols, VanderHeyden, Wicihowski and Harvey (teen rep)
Absent:  Golz and Murray   
Also Present:   Director Lenz, K. Beson (Head of Children’s Services), J. Bongers (Head of Adult Services), C. Brandt (Head of Support Services) and K. Dreyer (Administrative Assistant)

Public Comment/Communication
• Murray sent a postcard from his trip to Alaska.
• Director Lenz will be out of the office June 20 and June 30-July 7.

Consent Business
The following Consent Business item was presented for the Board’s consideration:
Motion to approve Library Board meeting minutes from May 15, 2014 and accept the meeting minutes of the Fundraising Committee from June 9, 2014 made by Nichols and seconded by Kiley.  Motion carried unanimously.

Authorization of Bills
Director Lenz passed out a revised list of bills.  Nichols questioned the bill for Wood Boiler Solutions; it is for cooling tower treatment.  Motion to authorize payment of the June list of bills from the 2014 budget was made by VanderHeyden and seconded by Wicihowski.  Motion carried unanimously. 
Director’s Report/Information Items
1. May Statistics.  Lenz reported that May’s circulation was down 7% from last month and is overall 3.5% lower than last year.  Program attendance for the month is up significantly due to Teen Library Taylir visiting with middle school and high school students to promote summer reading; program attendance for the year is up 32%. The website page views variance from this time last year is due to a new method of counting.  Eisen suggested making a notation of this for next month. 

2. Budget Update.  Lenz reported that 41.4% of the year has passed and 42.1% of the budget has been spent.  Wages show that 65.6% has been spent due to the retirement payout at the beginning of the year.  The annual audit has been completed and a report is forthcoming sometime later this summer.. 

3. Staff Reports.  Kiley, Beson, Lenz, Library Clerk Julie Wing, and several young library patrons marched for the library in the Memorial Day Parade.  Next year, more help would be appreciated.   

There has been a staffing change in maintenance:  Adam Alix is now the Buildings Superintendent for the city, Vince Maas is the City’s Building Supervisor in charge of the library and Brian Hasessly has been hired to work a third of his time at the library in the morning.  A new table of organization was distributed.

4. Strategic Plan Update Brief.  Lenz prepared an annual report for the common council and added the strategic plan update to the 2013/2014 annual report.  It has not yet been distributed to the council during budget negotiations.  So far, a significant increase to health care coverage is anticipated. 

5. Fundraising Committee Report
Crawmer reported that the Fundraising Committee will be meeting after the board meeting.  They are looking to hold quarterly Eating and Read Around Menasha events at local restaurants where a portion of the evenings proceeds would benefit the library and have local celebrates read.  The committee is also planning a chili cook-off;  Crawmer is working on a penny collection box.

Discussion/Action Items
6. Endowment Fund. Last month, Lenz reported that she received letter from the Community Foundation stating that they approved making a $5 million investment from the Foundation’s endowment portfolio in bonds to support the Fox Cities Exhibition Center.  Golz spoke with Community Foundation President Curt Detjen and will report on their conversation next month.

Lenz reported that in April, the board approved purchasing from the Adult Materials fund Pronunciator, a language learning service which has a strong English as a second language component.  It is recommended that we transfer $995 split evenly between the Kings’ Daughters funds to the Adult Materials fund, since a large part of its use is for literacy. Motion to approve the transfer made by Kiley and seconded by VanderHeyden.  Motion carried unanimously. 

Eisen complimented administrative staff on the revised endowment report.  He also thought the Annual Report was excellent, and he has a better appreciation of what staff is doing.

7. 2015 Calendar.  Lenz is suggesting staying open on the Saturdays of Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends in 2015, not something we have done in the past.  These Saturdays would be treated as summer Saturdays with 4 hours of premium pay.  Neenah and Appleton are open these Saturdays, and we do get complaints that we are not open.  Motion to approve the library closings for 2015 made by Wicihowski and seconded by Eisen.  Nichols asked if we could get the door count next year on these Saturdays, and Eisen reminded us to include the extra staff hours in next year’s budget.  Motion carried unanimously. 

8. 2014-2015 Teen Representative.  Lenz reported that Kayleigh Kaminski volunteered to be the teen representative last year right after Harvey was approved. Kayleigh will be a junior at MHS and is interested in learning about local government.  Lenz met with her and is recommending we approve her as the board’s 2014-2015 Teen Representative.  Motion to approve Kayleigh Kaminski as the 2014-2015 Teen Representative made by Eisen and Seconded by Kiley.  Motion carried unanimously. 

9. County Reimbursements.  Lenz provided a brief explaining how Wisconsin Act 150 allows public libraries to request reimbursement from their home county for serving rural residents of the county based on the number of loans made to residents of the county who are not residents of a library municipality, the library’s total number of all loans of material and the total library operating expenditures.  This information is used to determine the cost per circulation times the number of circs made to residents of municipalities without a library.  The law stipulates that the county reimburse the library for 70% of that total.  We are eligible for funding under this law from Winnebago and Calumet County.  Later the law was modified to include adjacent counties as well.  Last month, the board approved billing Calumet and Winnebago Counties and postponing the discussion and action of the other counties until we had a larger quorum.  Lenz recommended approving county reimbursement requests of $487 from Fond du Lac County and $519 from Waushara County.    Motion to approve the recommendation by Lenz was made by Kiley.  Seconded by Wicihowski.  Nichols asked if we bill these counties are they required to pay. The stipulates that they do.  Eisen observed that in respect to Appleton and OWLS, we would owe them more than they owe us, if we billed for crossover borrowing.  Motion carried unanimously. 

10. Review of Trustee Essentials Chapter 19.  Postponed until next month.

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 4:36 p.m. was made by Kiley and seconded by VanderHeyden.   Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Dreyer, recording secretary

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