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Like many others in our area, I've been thrilled to finally get back out in the garden after such a long, cold winter.  As I worked to prepare our garden and began planting, I started to think about some of the wonderful books that I've read about gardening over the years.  After a day of hard work in the garden, grab one of these books and a cold beverage, find some shade, and explore the past, present, and future of gardening with one of these terrific titles:

Second Nature: A Gardener's Education was the first book by now-famous author Michael Pollan, who wrote The Omnivore's Dilemma.  Pollan's distrinct and captivating style was already on display in his first book.  From the perspective of his backyard garden he deftly considers humanity's complicated relationship with the natural world, specifically as it pertains to how we feed ourselves.  This book is also available on CD.

Founding Gardeners: The Revolutional Generation, Nature, and the Shaping of a Nation by Andrea Wulf considers the Founding Fathers from a different perspective: as men obsessed with botany, agriculture, and gardening.  Not only did they follow these pursuits to make their living, but they believed deeply that the future of the republic depended on the improvement and promotion of horticulture.   This well-written book will inspire gardeners and give the reader a newfound apprecation for the legacy of the revolutionary generation.  This book is also available as an ebook and a digital audiobook.

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life by novelist Barbara Kingsolver tells the story of her family's decision to devote one year to eating locally.  If they couldn't grow something or find it in their immediate area, they would go without it.  Books on gardening and homesteading have been very popular during the last decade, but few of them are as beatifully told as this one.  Kingsolver conveys a great deal of insight and wisdom with a novelist's gift for language.   This book is also available as an ebook, a digital audiobook, and a book on CD.

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