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Looking for a book to read?  Check back every week for a new recommendation from Adult Services Supervisor Joe Bongers.

I was recently discussing books with a new friend and we discovered how much we enjoy books about books.  Not only are they a pleasure to read, but they are a wonderful source of new books one might enjoy, particularly older books.  I was reminded of this recently while reading a book about books and came across one of my favorite novels, Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner. 

This is a book that I've recommended to many readers over the readers and I don't think anyone has been dissappointed.  This wonderful semi-autobiographical novel tells the story of two young couples who meet in Madison, Wisconsin, in the 1930s when both of the husbands take teaching positions at the University of Wisconsin.  The couples quickly become friends despite their very different backgrounds.  The story of their decades-long friendship is full of wisdom and beauty.  It's a timeless tale.

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