April 17, 2014 - Board of Trustees Meeting


Minutes of Regular Meeting
Elisha D. Smith Public Library
April 17, 2014

Call to order at 4:00 p.m. by President Murray.

Present: Crawmer, Eisen, Golz, Kiley, Murray, Nichols, VanderHeyden, Harvey (teen rep), Wicihowski
Absent: None       
Also Present:  Director Lenz, K. Beson (Head of Children’s Services), K. Dreyer
(Administrative Assistant)

Public Comment/Communication
• Former board member Pat Galloway passed away.  A card was sent on behalf of the board. 
• Crawmer, on behalf of the board, brought treats and organized a guessing game for library staff during National Library Week.
• The Fox Cities Book Festival had wonderful authors and was well attended.
• Murray will be gone for the May and June board meetings; Crawmer will be taking his place.

Consent Business
The following Consent Business item was presented for the Board’s consideration:
Motion to approve Library Board meeting minutes from March 20, 2014, made by Nichols and seconded by Golz.  Nichols inquired about a copy of the revised organization chart and Golz asked about the mentioned update to the strategic plan.  Motion carried unanimously.

Authorization of Bills
Clarification was needed for:  Kone (annual building contract).  The heat bill was not posted to the city’s general ledger activity listing this month.  The WALS bill for $940.72 was to replace a staff computer and add Windows 8 Pro and Office 2013 Pro.  Motion to authorize payment of the April list of bills from the 2014 budget made by Golz and seconded by Wicihowski.  Motion carried unanimously.
Director’s Report/Information Items
1. March Statistics.  Lenz reported that circulation was down 1.5% in March compared to last March; overall, it is down 3.1% this year.  Meeting room use is up 6.3% this year compared to last year.  Program attendance is up this month, and this year, by about 12%. Dreyer is working with Reference Librarian Pattie Stanislawski to keep track of volunteer hours and provide recognition/incentives.  They are also working with Winnefox to develop a volunteer database.

2. National Library Week. About $1,500-$2,000 in fines will be forgiven for Food for Fines which will benefit the Double Portion Soup Kitchen at St. Thomas Episcopal Church. Dennis Hawk played Native American music in the Fireplace Room on Wednesday evening.  There were treats and drawings for book bags for patrons.

3. Budget Updates 2013 & 2014:  Lenz has received word from Director of Administrative Services Peggy Steeno that the 2013 budget is nearly closed with $31,110 in library funds left, which will cover the recent retirement payout and chair upholstery.
Twenty five percent of 2014 is past and 26% of the budget is spent.  The excess spent for promotional (program supplies) was due to a charge put on the city credit card which will be reimbursed by the endowment. 

4. Staff Reports.  Lenz said that the library collected many items during Help the Homeless drive. 
Building Supervisor Adam Alix was able to fix the roof over the teen area, but the old part of the roof that leaked during last year’s thaw leaked again on Saturday over the magazine area. 
Beson reported that 190 babies were signed up for the Happy Birthday Club.  There are 125 new families signed up for the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program (205 altogether).  Twenty percent finish each year and a graduation ceremony is held.  Eisen cited the value of the 1,000 Book Before Kindergarten program.

Member of the public Loren Ganzel joined the meeting at 4:15 p.m. and had some comments about the roof.

5. Nominating Committee Report.  Murray reported that Crawmer’s, Harvey’s, and Murray’s terms are up June 30, 2014.  Murray and Crawmer are willing to serve another three-year term.  The teen representative is limited to one year. Lenz received an inquiry last year from someone interested in serving as the teen representative and will follow-up.  The following slate of officers will be recommended for the board’s consideration at the July board meeting:  Patrick Murray – President, Mary Crawmer – Vice President and Kathy Wicihowski – Secretary, with the option for other nominations at that time.

Discussion/Action Items
6. Life Insurance.  Lenz reported that non-represented full-time city staff have the benefit of paid life insurance worth one year of their salary; library staff do not.  HR Manager Mike Brunn estimates that the cost for a similar benefit for library staff would be $135/month.  A motion was made by Eisen to transfer $944 from Premium Pay to Employer Contribution – Life in the library’s 2014 budget and authorize the city to pay the basic portion of life insurance for full-time library staff, seconded by Wicihowski.  Motion carried unanimously.

7. Endowment Report and Future Spending. Lenz reviewed the current endowment report. She recommended spending endowment funds for volunteer recognition/incentives (Friends - $500), for a wireless printing network for patrons (General Fund - $1,600), and increasing the large print collection (Friends - $2,000).  Motion to approve this recommendation was made by Golz and seconded by VanderHeyden.  Motion carried unanimously.

8. Review of Trustee Essentials Chapter 17.  VanderHeyden summarized this chapter, which focuses on library systems.

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 4:38 p.m. was made by Kiley and seconded by Crawmer.   Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Dreyer, recording secretary

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