Another Fox Cities Book Festival event -- Corey is the author of The Tavern League:  A Portrait of the Wisconsin Tavern.

"Tavern League" book cover


Award-winning photographer Carl Corey has exhibited widely in solo and group shows in the United States and abroad. His work has been featured in several of photography’s most prestigious periodicals including Communication Arts, Columbia Journalism Review and Visual Communication Quarterly. He is the recipient of more than 100 awards from the advertising, publishing and photography communities, including New York Art Directors Club, Communication Arts, Print Annual and USA National Best Book Awards.

Corey’s photographs have been the subject of several books including The Tavern League: A Portrait of the Wisconsin Tavern (Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2011), Contemporary Photography in New York City (Rizzoli, 2011), and Rancher (Bunker Hill/GalleryPrint, 2007). His forthcoming book, For Love and Money: A Portrait of the Family Business is due out in spring 2014.

Corey describes his work this way: “The kind of photography I do is called art documentary photography, which means that even though I carefully consider how I make a picture, they are accurate depictions of real people and real places. I strive for honesty.”

Photo of The Tavern League: A Portrait of the Wisconsin Tavern book cover.

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