Feb. 20, 2014 - Board of Trustees Meeting


Elisha D. Smith Public Library
February 20, 2014

Call to order at 4:00 p.m. by Vice President Crawmer.

Present:  Crawmer, Eisen, Golz, Nichols, Wicihowski, VanderHeyden, Kiley
Absent:  Murray, Harvey (teen rep)
Harvey joined the meeting at 4:05 p.m.
Also present: Director Lenz, K. Beson (Head of Children’s Services), J. Bongers (Head of Adult Services)

Authorization of Bills
Motion to authorize payment of the February 2014 list of bills as presented made by Eisen and seconded by Golz.  Motion carried unanimously.
Consent Business
The following Consent Business items were presented for the board’s consideration:
Motion to approve Library Board meeting minutes from January 16, 2014, made by Nichols and seconded by Golz.  Motion carried unanimously.

Director’s Report/Information Items
1. January Statistics. Director Lenz reported that overall circulation was down 2.5 percent this January as compared with last January, including digital circulations. Meeting room use, volunteer hours, and the total number of programs offered, as well as attendance at those programs, increased significantly over last January. Director Lenz has changed the statistics format.

2. Current Budget Status. Director Lenz is working with Administrative Services Director Peggy Steeno to request designations for funds left in the 2013 budget for approval by the Common Council.  She is asking that funds be directed to the office manager’s retirement package, refurbishing library furniture, and the library’s WALS reserve fund for technology. Trustees agreed on those designations. The year has not as yet been closed out, so final numbers are forthcoming. An accounting of the 2014 budget was presented for review. Staff computers should be replaced in 2014.

3. Friends’ Book Sale.  The Friends’ book sale ran from February 6 through February 11, making $2,340.90 for the Friends’ endowment fund.

4. Winter Reading Programs. The library ran two reading programs this winter. Scurry Up and Read has now ended in the Children’s Department; the program had 200 participants. Adult Services ran the Cabin Fever Challenge, which allowed people to enter to win tickets to a PAC event and dinner at a Menasha restaurant, with a winner every week.

5. Fox Cities Community Reads. This year’s Community Reads pick is Wonder by R.J. Palacio, a children’s book with wide appeal. Wicihowski has read it and thought it a very good and quick read.

6. Fox Cities Book Festival. Authors are committed and marketing has begun. This year’s festival will run from April 7 to April 13.

7. Staff Reports. Director Lenz and supervisors reported on the Administrative Assistant hiring process. Ninety-two people applied for the job. The hiring committee consisted of Lenz, Bongers, Brandt, Brunn, and Beson. The chosen candidate has been notified and is in the process of being confirmed.

8.  Annual Endowment Report. Trustees reviewed the annual endowment report, which accompanies the library’s annual report to the state.

Discussion/Action Items
9. Annual State Report.  Trustees reviewed the report submitted by the director and reviewed by the library system’s assistant director. Eisen described some of the history of the annual report as it pertains to the administration of the Winnefox Library System. A motion was made by Eisen, and seconded by Golz to approve the annual state report as submitted, indicating that the Winnefox Library System has provided effective leadership and adequately met the needs of the library during 2013.  Motion carried unanimously.

10. Legal comment in this month’s issue of Municipality Magazine. Since the legal comment this month focused on the part of the Wisconsin Statutes devoted to public libraries, Director Lenz presented this article for discussion.

11. Trustees were informed of the Wisconsin Association of Public Libraries conference in May in Sheboygan. The library will pay for and register trustees who are willing to attend the conference on May 7, 8, and 9 at the Blue Harbor Resort.

12. Board Packets. Director Lenz asked if board members wanted their packets mailed or e-mailed. It was determined that board members Crawmer, Golz, Wicihowski, VanderHeyden and Kiley would like electronic copies. Nichols, Harvey, and Eisen want their packets by mail and electronically. VanderHeyden recommended Board Docs for this purpose.  Nichols suggested that meeting notices be sent to all the aldermen.

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 4:52 p.m. by VanderHeyden and seconded by Wicihowski. Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Beson, Recording Secretary


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