A Winter Olympics Party

We spent the evening celebrating this  year's Winter Olympics here in the Children's Room.

Thank you to all of our friends who joined us last night for our Winter Olympics party.  After a reading of Bunnies on Ice by Joanna Wright we went on an Olympic flag scavenger hunt for flags from the athletes' home countries, played some games to test our knowledge of different winter sports and ice skating moves, and even made pipe cleaner skaters and snowboarders using this tutorial from Every Star is Different.

Don't forget to pick up your paperback book prizes this week if you earned 2 or more stickers during our winter reading program.  This week in the Children's Room kids in K-5th grade can also read off their fines. Fifteen minutes of reading here in the Children's Room equals $3.00 of fines erased.  Visit us or give us a call at 967-3670 for more information.



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