Mystery Night Book Party

We celebrated our love of mysteries this week in the Children's Room. 

Our evening family program this week was all about mysteries!  We gathered together for a read of Sherlock Bones and the Missing Cheese by Susan Stevens Crummel before going off to solve a mystery of our own!  In a Clue-inspired format, our library friends had to figure out who stole the key to the library.  Following clues posted around the Children's Room, we narrowed down our list of suspects, objects, and places until we uncovered the cuprit! Our thief turned out to be Captain Hook with the Cloak of Invisibility in the story room!  We always have plenty of mysteries on hand here in the Children's Room so stop in and give us a visit! 

We'll be taking a short programming break next week with the library closed on Thursday November 28th for the Thanksgiving holiday.  We'll be back in December with lots of holiday cheer for you


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