Sept. 25, 2013 - Finance Committee



September 25, 2013

A. Call to order at 9:35 a.m.  by committee chair Murray

B. Roll Call
Present: Murray, Eisen, Golz, VanderHeyden
Also present:  Director Lenz, K. Seefeldt (Office Manager), Library Board Member Nichols

C. 2014 Library Budget Request.
Director Lenz submitted a draft of a 2014 budget for review, noting that:  1) health insurance costs are anticipated to increase by 5%, 2) the salaries and wages line item includes step increases and a 2% cost of living adjustment, which may change before the budget is presented to our board for approval, 3) there is a decrease in the electric utility line item due to cost saving measures taken by Building Services Supervisor Adam Alix, and 3) there is a decrease in the Service Contracts line item due to dropping annual maintenance contracts on some equipment and paying only as repairs are needed.  Director Lenz recommended including an increase in the library materials line item in an effort to continue striving toward a high level of service to our patrons. 

Committee members reviewed a list of building repair projects for 2014 that were recommended by Supervisor Alix.  There was a consensus to include these expenditures in the Building Repair & Maintenance account.  For the time being, the library is contracting for janitorial services through ServiceMaster, and this will most likely continue until other options are thoroughly considered. Nichols requested information pertaining to the Internet service provider used by Winnefox Library System.

VanderHeyden left the meeting at 9:45 a.m.

Eisen gave a brief summary of changes to the library’s budgeting process since the removal of a state law pertaining to maintenance of effort (MOA).  He noted the importance of referencing the library’s new strategic plan when presenting our budget to the Common Council.  Eisen stated that there are compelling reasons to increase spending on library materials, i.e., to meet the demands of our patrons and to match what other libraries in our community are currently offering to patrons.  He referred to the library’s excellent rating in recent quantitative service reports and noted that our goal continues to be offering a high level of service to our community. Eisen noted that the historical use of salary step increases for civic personnel is changing. 

A motion was made by Eisen and seconded by Golz to recommend to the Library Board a finalized library budget for 2014 that includes the revisions agreed upon by the Finance Committee.  Motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 10:35 a.m. on a motion by Golz, seconded by Murray.  Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Kristin Seefeldt, recording secretary

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