Soda Pups Dog Show

The Soda Pups returned to our library to help us celebrate our winter reading program!

Jack Z. and his Soda Pups are an old favorite of ours here at the Menasha Library.  Last night, they visited once again to help us celebrate our Chillin' With a Good Book Winter Reading Program.  The tiny Soda Pups amazed & delighted our library friends with their abilities & tricks: running & jumping through obstacle courses, walking on their hind legs, even riding in a remote control car!  Thanks to the over 250 people who joined us, we had a great event last night! 

In case you haven't already joined our Winter Reading Program, you can still do so at the Children's Info Desk! Stay tuned for more winter reading fun next week as we host our Percy Jackson Book Party Tuesday, January 29th at 6:30pm in the Children's Room.


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