Squirrels in Our Backyards!

Hey library friends!  A new week is here and we read all about squirrels in our Monday story times.

One of our favorite fall animals has a big bushy tail and loves to eat nuts - a squirrel!  All of our stories, songs, & rhymes celebrated this furry forest creature.  We learned that squirrels are great jumpers, use their tail for warmth, and store their food underground.  We also read about a curious squirrel that came inside for a visit, what squirrels do during the fall, and about a very silly squirrel who forgot where he put all his acorns.  We even practiced shaking our bushy tails before story time was done!  After our stories we made & decorated our own paper acorns to take home.

See you next week at 10am & 6:30pm on Monday or at 10am on Tuesday for more story time fun!


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