Fire Truck Daze!

Friday was our annual visit to the Menasha Fire Station!

On Friday morning, over 100 library friends gathered in the Children's Room for our annual "Fire Truck Daze" program!  We started off with a story that introduced us to the life of a firefighter before heading across the library parking lot to the Menasha Fire Department.  There we met with Firefighters Scott & Garrett who showed us around the station.  Firefighter Scott told us all about the fire trucks they use, including where the firefighters sit & where the hoses are that spray water to help them put out a fire.  Firefighter Garrett showed us all the special gear a firefighter has to wear when they go to fight a fire - they have special boots, pants, coats and a helmet that they have to put on really fast when the fire bell goes off. 

We had a great time at the fire station - we hope you did too!  Check out the library Flickr page for more photos & stop by the Children's desk this week if you'd like to sign a thank you card for the fire station!


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