Ask questions about Voter ID. Register to vote.

Thursday, September 10, at 10:00am in the lower level main meeting room.

Join Menasha City Clerk Debbie Galeazzi on Thursday, September 10, at 10:00am for coffee.  Ask her questions.  Register to vote.

September is Voter Registration Month.  It's time to prepare for the big elections in 2016.

Find out what you need to vote, what qualifies as Voter ID, and how to get a Voter ID, if you need one. 

Clerk Galeazzi will also register residents of Menasha to vote. 

This program is part of a monthly series of programs offered at the library to promote discussion with public officials and people in the news.

All programs at the Elisha D. Smith Public Library are free and for everyone.  Those with special needs are encouraged to call the library office at 967-3662 within 24 hours of an event to assure that specific needs with regards to parking, building and meeting room accessibility are met.  The library’s main program room is equipped with a hearing loop, which will transmit to headphone receivers that are available upon request or to your own hearing device with a t-coil.


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