Author Visit with Trish Kirk

The Fox Cities Book Festival has begun!

We celebrated the start of the Fox Cities Book Festival on Wednesday morning with a visit from local author Trish KirkTrish Kirk dedicates her life to promoting kindness and compassion for animals.  She is currently an Educational Outreach Coordinator for the North American Bear Center in Ely, Minnesota.   She has written 3 children's books about black bears: PeTunia: The Naughty, Pigeon-toed, Boone Hollow Bear, I Think There’s a Bear Out There, and Where’s a Bear’s Fun?
Trish spoke to over 200 students and adults about her work with the North American Bear Center as well as about some of the common misconceptions people have about bears.  Menasha students enjoyed seeing all of her beautiful photographs of bears taken around her home as well as in the field during her research.  You can stop in at the library to check out some of Trish's books or visit the North American Bear Center's website to find out more about bears! 

A big thanks to Trish for a great morning program - check out the Book Festival schedule for more authors and events coming up in the next week!


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